Can Bedroom Decor Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep?
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Can Bedroom Decor Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

May 16, 2019

When we moved into our new apartment at the beginning of this year, what I was excited about was having more space than in our previous apartment. I wanted to make sure I utilised that especially in the bedroom as our last bedroom felt like it was piled with storage crates filled with shoes, bags, make-up, you name it, it was in it and in turn I don’t think I ever slept that well. I was surrounded by constant reminders to tidy or aspects of my work, such as my lighting equipment for YouTube or testing new product samples.

When it came to decorating the bedroom I really wanted to keep it minimal, functional and most of all a peaceful place to sleep. I think having no clutter and a calm colour scheme, as well as a comfortable bed can make for a better nights sleep. Here is how I achieved a more peaceful space.


When choosing a bed for our new bedroom, I knew I wanted a velvet or velvet look bed, but the style I didn’t really know at all. It wasn’t until I started looking that I discovered Ottoman beds. These are the ones that make it easy to lift up the mattress as they have springs at the sides and then underneath you have a plentiful amount of storage. This bed not only looks amazing but the fact I can store things underneath it and you wouldn’t even know is just such a bonus.


Our old mattress was not very comfortable at all, so not only did we want a comfortable bed but a quality mattress too. We opted for a Casper mattress which I’d seen advertised pretty much everywhere and even Kylie Jenner is a fan. The mattress is a bed in a box and arrives in a big cardboard box, which made it so easy to get into our bedroom. A memory foam mattress is said to help improve your sleep as it helps to distribute body weight evenly and stop tossing and turning throughout the night, so it sounded like the perfect option and I’ve definitely felt I have been sleeping better since using it.


In our old bedroom I had a whole host of art prints on the wall. So for our new bedroom I decided I wanted to keep it simple and when I saw this ‘Namastay In Bed‘ print I knew that was all I wanted. In fact I think I chose the design of our bedroom around this one print, I just loved it. I have a spare white wall that I’m tempted to add something else, but I also like the idea of keeping the bedroom very minimal with just this print.


We have two bedside cabinets that we like to keep clutter free and apart from our touch lamps and my rose crystal, I am trying to keep nothing on these. In our previous bedroom I had make-up brushes and make-up scattered all over them, now with a dedicated dressing room I am able to take these out of the bedroom and keep the space next to the bed clear. If I can put anything on our chest of drawers rather than here, it makes me feel much calmer and away from clutter.


Our bedroom carpet is grey so we decided to choose a grey velvet look bed and also grey curtains, I think grey is a very calming colour for the bedroom, its neutral and whenever I look it I feel peaceful. Of course something like blue could work similarly but I’m really glad we went for a grey feel as it works well with the white walls and white units.

Utilising the space and having space savers such as the extra under bed storage has transformed our bedroom into a clutter free place and in turn a better nights sleep.


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