Augustinus Bader The Body Oil Review
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Augustinus Bader The Face & Body Oil Review

November 1, 2020

Augustinus Bader is renowned for the moisturising cream which has an exclusive patented complex TFC8. TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex) is the key ingredient to all Augustinus Bader products so let’s delve into that quickly.

Professor Augustinus Bader is a stem cell and biomedical scientist and TFC8 is all about healing and the body’s process and ability to regenerate and repair. The complex included in his skincare range includes amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules that are naturally found in the skin and encourage self healing and cell turnover which in turn helps to reduce the signs of ageing and damage caused by environmental stressors.

I absolutely loved the Victoria Beckham x Augustinus Bader Primer that launched last year and not only was it great as a make-up primer but I was sure it made a difference to my skin too. So I was eager to try out something from his own line and when The Face Oil launched I knew it was the perfect choice.

Augustinus Bader The Face Oil Review

I do use face creams regularly but I love the feel of an oil and I prefer to use it at night, however the Augustinus Bader oil is so light that I have been using it for day also and before make-up, sometimes adding a few drops with foundation and it is perfect for that. Even with the bottle being a small size, I do think it will last much longer for me compared to the Victoria Beckham Primer.

The oil is fragrance free but has a strong smell of hazelnut, which comes from the hazelnut oil which is rich in omega fatty acids and helps to support moisture to the skin. Other oils included in the face oil are Babassu to defend against everyday aggressors, Argan oil to prevent water loss, Karanja which promotes healing and has anti antimicrobial properties and Pomegranate to help renew skin. All of these oils together focus on renewing, hydration and conditioning the skin. It’s a powerful blend mixed with the TFC8 to make skin supple and and plump and strengthen the skins barrier.Augustinus Bader Face Oil ReviewAugustinus Bader The Face Oil

The bottle has an easy pump down applicator to get the perfect amount and at first it didn’t feel enough for me, but the more I used it I realised it was more than enough and I quickly became familiar with it. I was used to that greasy heavy oil feeling I had become so known to from other products that this was so much lighter and you really don’t need a lot at all.

You can apply this on it’s own, over a moisturising cream, blend it together or even mix in with make-up like I have done. The good thing about Augustinus Bader products is they say you should only need one product with TFC8, so whether it’s the cream, the rich cream or the oil they don’t try to oversell you on everything and say one should do the job just fine and you should see results.

As well as the face oil, they also launched The Body Oil. The face oil is more concentrated than the body oil so they are different in texture and the face oil has a yellowish colour, whereas the body oil is clear.

Augustinus Bader The Body Oil Review

Personally I enjoy using a body oil but I probably don’t use them as often as I’d like because I’m pretty fussy when it comes to body products. If it has a scent I have to love it and preferably I like it unscented. The Body Oil is just that, unfragranced and the oil is non sticky and dries and goes on lovely.

It has Vitamin E, Argan, Olive fruit oil and Squalane to hydrate, reduce the appearance of cellulite and pigmentation and improve skin elasticity. I didn’t want to love it because of the price, but I really do, In fact it’s one of the best body oils I’ve ever used! It makes my skin feel nourished, soft and is such a joy to use.

Augustinus Bader The Face Oil is £65 for 10ml and £180 for 30ml.

The Body Oil is £75 for 100ml

Available now at Selfridges, Space NK, Net a Porter and Augustinus Bader.


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