I’ve always known about adhesive wallpaper that you can easily stick up and take down, but I never considered wall stickers as an option. I recently featured these in my post about how to add colour to your home and instantly fell in love with them. They are easy to apply and can really transform a wall and/or room. There are so many fun ones out there, in bright colours or the more traditional black and white.

So if you are after some inspiration to brighten up your next interiors project, here are 6 of my favourite wall stickers.

1.  Wall Sticker by Adesivi Murali on DaWanda £55Buy Now

I love the way this one creates more of a room when in fact all that is in it is a chair. It is so fun and a great way to decorate maybe an event space or I can see this in a hairdressers. At home would be fab in the bedroom.


2. Butterfly Wall Sticker £16 – Buy Now

Even though wall stickers can be used to brighten or fill a wall, I love the colour on colour here. They fit perfectly with this pink wall and don’t distract too much, they just match perfectly.


3. Spots Wall Sticker Set £18Buy Now

An alternative to the wall, add some to your wardrobe for a fun vibe. I like these coloured dots as they just make a plain bedroom a little different.


4. Spiral Staircase Wall Sticker £40Buy Now

Bet you had to look twice with this one. A bit of an optical illusion, yes the sticker is the staircase.


5. Personalised Coordinates Wall StickerBuy Now

Not the most obvious choice, but I really like this idea, would be great for a study or home office and you can personalise the coordinates.


6. Banksy Balloon Floating Door StickersBuy Now

If you love Banksy but can’t quite afford the real version, these door stickers look brilliant.


Would you consider wall stickers for your home?