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5 Things To Do Other Than Check Social Media – Again!

April 9, 2019

We are all guilty of constantly checking our phone and most of the time I’ll admit for no apparent reason. Even when I’m watching something on TV, I’ll no doubt pick up my phone throughout the programme or I’ll be in the middle of something, receive a notification and then completely forgot what I was doing.

I would say it was more of a habit than an addiction, I mean maybe I realised I need to stop when I tripped down the stairs at the Underground because I was too busy checking my phone. However there definitely comes a time when I can happily put my phone down for a few hours or more and you know what I feel good about it, I feel good I’ve done something else and haven’t fell down the rabbit hole of constant scrolling.

So if you are feeling the social media burn out or need some inspiration on how to switch off, here are five things to do besides checking that phone.


The simplest and most obvious choice of all is to read. I absolutely love reading yet I probably only really do it when I’m on holiday and why? Well if I’m on a plane I have no Internet so I don’t get interrupted to check my phone or I’m lying in the sun and couldn’t have a care in the world, so I feel relaxed and I can concentrate on a good read. Even magazines, again these probably only get read in the hairdressers. Everything is thrown at us so instantly now, we don’t need to find or search hard for the information. I’m currently enjoying, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, J-Lo said it changed her life, so here I am!


I started an online masterclass a little while ago, ok a long time ago and you know what I haven’t even finished it. So whilst I get on that, I’ll share them with you. Masterclass has loads of classes that can help your craft, from an acting lesson with Natalie Portman to a cooking course with Gordon Ramsey, all online of course, sorry no celebrities are coming into your living room.


Colouring-in had its own trend a year or so back with everyone and their aunty releasing colouring-in books. However it is very therapeutic and can help you relax and de-stress. If that isn’t for you, but you do like something a little crafty, then pick up a paintbrush and go for it, just do whatever takes your fancy on a blank canvas, trust me it’s kind of fun.


Don’t worry you won’t need to leave the house for this one, I’ve started using the FIIT app which has classes to follow in the comfort of your own living room. I’ve been testing out the yoga, which is great as I’ve never done it before and don’t look like an idiot in a class full of experts.


I always feel good when I take time for myself to do some pampering, whether it’s painting my nails, doing a simple sheet mask or running a bath and trying a new bath milk. I love testing new products (it’s my job!) so taking time for myself pampering or even testing out the latest launches is a fun distraction. Never have time for a skincare routine? Take that one evening and treat your skin, it’ll thank you the next morning.

In writing this post, I’ve checked my phone three, ok five times so I’m off to follow my own ideas.


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