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4 Summer Scents I Can’t Get Enough Of

August 11, 2016

I used to never change my perfume at all. Chanel Chance in the pink bottle was my jam and no season or anything could change that. Then I started to get a sniff of a few others and then a few others and before I knew it, I now have quite the fragrance collection. I’m not sure when it changed for me, but now I have so many I need two hands to count them.

I have lighter fragrances, nighttime fragrances and ones just for certain seasons. In summer I love something that can be really fresh, fruity or just remind me of being on the beach and these four fragrances do just that, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Malin & Goetz Citron Vert Buy Now

Malin & Goetz have some really lovely fragrances, including one of my other favourites the dark rum which also comes as a candle and in many of their other products. Citron Vert however is just in the fragrance. It’s 12% EDT, comes in 100ml and is a unisex scent. The scent has citrus, floral and woody notes and it just smells amazing.

The citrus notes include top notes of bergamot, lime and grapefruit, whilst the middle notes are basil, jasmine, rhubarb and petitgrain and finally bottom notes of orris, amber woods,white cedar and musk. On first spray you definitely get the citrus notes and throughout wearing the muskier notes really start to show. Each time I feel I smell something different. This is a great fragrance for summer and to go from day to-night, I’m obsessed.

Roger & Gallet Eau Sublime OrBuy Now

Roger & Gallet have a gorgeous counter in House of Fraser on Oxford Street and there are plenty scents to choose from. I did a quick quiz on the counter on their iPad to see which scent could be right for me. The questions were simple, things like which colour do you like best, which feeling and things like that. My final choice was down to two, so I smelt both and instantly just fell in love with Eau Sublime Or. It was perfect.

This fragrance just instantly makes me think of summer, summer holidays and the beach life. To top if off the fragrance has a gold shimmer throughout it, which instantly screamed out to me. I was sold. The scent of Sublime Or is fresh with notes of mandarin and orange but also sensual with the addition of coconut flower.

Nuxe Prodigieux Le ParfumBuy Now

Another scent that reminds me of summer holidays so perfectly. One whiff of this and I am transported onto a gold sandy beach. It smells like the Nuxe Body Oil that I love and has notes of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla. It’s not that unsimilar of the Roger & Gallet Sublime Or, but they do have a lot of the same notes so probably why I like it so much. It won’t over power but does have a long-lasting smell. It gives me that gorgeous smell without having to cover myself in body oil. Wear this and don’t be afraid of the compliments that will come your way.

Yardley Lily Of The Valley Buy Now

Yardley is one of the Queen’s favourite brands. Well they are appointed by her as the toiletry products of choice so I’m guessing that they are, and I can see why. Yardley Lily Of The Valley fragrance is a really light scent, it’s floral and feminine with a top note of fruit pear infused with floral notes, bouquet heart of lily accord blended with freesia and then a musky bottom base. It’s something you can pop on and instantly feel refreshed throughout the day, without it weighing you down. I really love a light fragrance for day and one that doesn’t over power even myself throughout the day.

Summer Fragrances 2016

Do you have a favourite summer fragrance?

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