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If there is one piece of skincare I invest in, it’s more than always a moisturiser! I don’t severely suffer from dry skin but do have my fair amount on my face that it does affect my skincare regime. I hadn’t tried any products from BeautyLab before so was eager to give this one a go.

The skin perfecting moisture cream is a deeply hydrating cream filled with anti-ageing properties, anti-oxidants, vitamins and is tailored for dry to very dry skin. The collagen tripeptide microspheres adhere to the skin on application, stimulating the fibroblast cells which lie deep in the skins layers. These cells are the ones that produce collagen (the ones you want to keep) and therefore the cream helps to keep these active and reduce the signs of wrinkles and improve skins texture.

BeautyLab Skin Perfecting Moisture Cream

The cream also contains Hyaluronic acid which for me when I find this in a product it seems to work really well for my skin.This acid helps skin to retain the moisture, which when lost can lead to wrinkles and loss of skin tone. Another important one for me is antioxidants and this one includes Vitamin E which prevents lipid barrier destruction. When I recently went for a facial I was made aware of this problem in my skin so it’s good to look for products with this.

BeautyLab Skin Perfecting Moisturiser

Beauty Lab Moisturiser review

I have been using this moisturiser for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. It is fragrance free which I sometimes find hard to get in a moisturiser, why do they all smell of lavender!? And I feel it’s really helped to improve the moisturise loss in my skin. I’m looking forward to continuing with this and checking out some of their other products. The BeautyLab Skin Perfecting Moisture Cream is £40 available at beautylab.co.uk and harveynichols.com