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Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan Review

August 16, 2013

I haven’t used an actual fake tan for a long time now, I think I became a bit of a tanorexic and realised I was more orange than bronzed. I also discovered the moisturiser tan combos worked really well for me, they are so easy to apply and quick too! However I was sent a couple of samples of Xen-Tan to try and I had heard good things about the brand so decided to give it a whirl!


I decided to test out the Xen-Tan Moroccan Oil in Medium. The tan is a liquid lotion and combines premium Argan Oil with Xen Tan’s tanning agent. It is said to give a dark colour, which is great as I don’t like it when you have to apply more than one layer. The first thing I noticed straight away was the colour of the tan when I put it onto my hand, it was really dark, which is slightly frightening but once I rubbed it onto my skin it blended into a nice brown colour, I was instantly tanned already. However this was just the guideline, but I actually quite liked that colour!

Xen tan Moroccan Oil

One thing to note is definitely use a mitt, one it gives a much more even effect and also you won’t end up with the tan staining your hands, I made this mistake the first time I tried it and it was hard to get it off my palms so definitely invest in a good mitt.

I left the tan on over night, it has a sweet smell and doesn’t smell bad like other tans I have used previously. I felt like the tan was slightly moisturising too and wasn’t drying my skin out. In the morning I washed off the guideline colour in the shower, to unveil a nice golden colour, I was really happy with the result of the colour, it looked nice and natural and not orange. The tan lasted about a week I’d say and my favourite thing being was when it came off I wasn’t left with patchy bits. Also a little goes a long way, I still have some left in this sample size and I have used it twice now!

Xen Tan Results

I’m looking forward to trying the gel too, with the gel it doesn’t need to be washed off and develops in 3 hours.

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    August 16, 2013 at 15:08

    I’ve tried these before. They are amazing!

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