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What To Wear To A Party

December 20, 2019

Me: *stares into wardrobe*


Me: I’ve got nothing to wear

Me: ‘I’ve nothing to wear….I can’t go!’

How many times have you felt this way? I know I have for sure. When it comes to the festive season I don’t know what it is, but there is much more pressure on the perfect outfit. Most likely it’s the influx of extra parties or occasions, so whether it’s your work Christmas party or a family get together at home, choosing a party dress can just feel a little overwhelming.

I’ve put together 5 tips for party attire to make sure you can go to the ball.


Hands up if you try on a top and think this is a nice top and jeans? How about changing it up and trying some trousers. Leather trousers are having a moment again and they look great with most tops, so if your top is slightly more casual a leather trouser and high heel can really bring your outfit to life.


Headbands are back and the more embellishment the better. Numerous times have I felt my outfit looked a bit plain and added a headband and instantly it looks like you’ve really made an effort. People will automatically be drawn to look at your outfit, so why not distract them with a headband. Trust me, it’s always a talking point! Perfect for those work parties where you don’t really know anyone.


Just like a headband a bag can really bring a plain block coloured dress to life. We all saw Lizzo with the mini Valentino bag at the AMA’s. Now her orange dress you probably couldn’t miss it, but everyone was so focused on her bag that she could have been wearing anything. Dress up your dress or outfit with a small bag, maybe add a little sparkle and your there.Party Dress Tips For Women - The LDN Diaries


When it comes to shopping for a party look and your not into sequins, glitter, feathers or embellishment you might feel a little lost or put out shopping in store. Keeping it simple in a little black dress is perfectly acceptable and I always find it great to shop online as you can pick and choose what category and colours to break down the dresses into, rather than rummaging your way through 500 sequin dresses.Party Dress Tips Skirt and Top - The LDN Diaries


I always say do what works for you. You don’t have to follow trends when it comes to party dressing. If you don’t like your arms then opt for a long sleeved body, if you don’t like your legs try a midi skirt or maybe you forgot to paint your toes then grab a covered toe shoe. Just make sure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing and you’ll have the best time.

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