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Welcome to Tramshed

July 4, 2012

Down in Rivington Street in Shoreditch you’ll find the newly opened Mark Hix restaurant. You can’t miss it as through the glass panelled entrance, a Damien Hirst cock and bull exhibit stands tall. This enough intrigues passers-by to come in, never mind the simple yet meat loving menu.

I was keen to get started and as we took our table I took a look round, the Tramshed building is pretty huge, with tall ceilings and a mezzanine at the back, under the Ren and Stimpy picture. Different.

In front of me is a long bar nearly the length of the building, where the chef prepares the bar snacks and starters and further down seated chairs line up, to enjoy a bar snack or drink. On the other side, there is booths for bigger parties. I get the feeling the idea behind Tramshed is for groups of people. Most of the dishes are for sharing and most of the seating is for larger groups.

Onto the food. The menu had three starters for £7.50. I am not a great lover of salmon so I opted just to have one as they also serve the same food as part of the bar menu. We decided to have the Yorkshire Pudding with Liver Pate, I couldn’t wait to try this, such an unusual starter. We decided to share it as it was enough for two people. Definitely a good start! We chose a bottle of Aguila Real Viura, Sauvignon Blanc to wash it all down with.

For main course we had the Roast Woolley Park Farm free-range chicken and chips. This is meant for 2-3 people to share and at only £25, well worth the sharing. The steak on offer come in various sizes, but a little secret I had found out before, I knew I wanted to have this chicken and here is why…

Chicken with FEET! At first I thought I might be a bit creeped out but when it came out, it was totally fine. Our waitress Zoe, who was super friendly and lovely, carved it for us, as to be honest we didn’t have a clue where to start!

Chicken and chips easily got demolished. It comes with a tiny pot of gravy aka chicken juice and salsa verde which was lovely spread on the chicken. Plus chips were delicious!

Desserts sounded great, the choice of Chocolate Cheesecake, Oakchurch Farm strawberries with Jersey cream and Ronnie’s apple pie with custard. Strawberries won out, after all was a nice sunny evening. If I can’t be at Wimbledon I will have strawberries here!

At first thought, was not a lot of strawberries, but once tucking in was plenty!

Tramshed has a friendly environment. I’d say it definitely has more of a casual feel than that of sister restaurant Hix, but that coincides with the Shoreditch area.They offer a takeaway service which sounds great (sirloin steak sandwich anyone?). Downstairs they have the Cock and Bull, which is NB: not the toilets, but will host to an art gallery and change every six weeks.

Have you been to Tramshed or planning to go, let me know what you think?

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    London Chow
    September 29, 2012 at 01:33

    I’ve just been there the other day. Loved it. Can’t figure out why exactly. Might be the nicely marinated chicken dived bombed styled, the bread-garlic-parsley sauce or the airiness of the entire place. It might even be the the Chicken and Cow (or is that Cock & Bull?) that did the trick.

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