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Trying Out Facial Reflexology

June 12, 2016

I absolutely love a facial, for someone who was pretty new to them only a year or so ago, I now can’t get enough. I am also up for trying all types of new wellness treatments such as the Qi Energy Treatment that I tried recently.

Last week I decided to try out facial reflexology. I was invited by the lovely Emma Gosling, who is a qualified practitioner in reflexology to try out The Bergman Method. This method of facial constitutes a new and exclusive holistic approach to beauty and was a contender for London’s best facial treatment in 2015 by Get the Gloss.

So what does The Bergman Method involve? It focuses on your overall well-being and it is based on the idea that if we experience inner wellbeing and nourish the soul then this is reflected in the face. The Bergman Method aims to reduce emotional and physical stress, improve your mood and release deep facial muscle tension which helps soften the facial features and helps to keep your face glowing.

Facial Reflexology

As soon as I met Emma I felt instantly at ease, she is so lovely and friendly. I filled out a health questionnaire, don’t worry it’s nothing too crazy and I wrote down anything that was troubling me. So whether that be anxiety, sleep problems or stress. These are so Emma can help to focus on what to work on, of if you were having a course of treatments can work towards each time you have a treatment.

The facial uses facial oil and is more focused on the massage than the products. It’s all about the techniques and how the massage is done. The facial involves pressure point massage, facial rollers and facial gua sha  which irons out fine lines, encourages lymph drainage, helps clear the sinuses and reduces puffiness under the eyes. Perfect for me as I have hayfever and summer is pretty much a nightmare.

As well as using Native American healing techniques and advanced facelift massage. Each massage technique can feel completely different and it was something I hadn’t experienced before. Most facials I have had involve massage but nothing quite like this. It wasn’t uncomfortable though, in fact it has probably been one of the more times I’ve been relaxed at a facial, rather than wondering what’s coming next – does anyone else do that?

Facial Reflexology The Bergman Method Review

Reflexology really interests me, I guess I’ve always thought of it as for feet only. However it works just as well on the face and in a similar manner. So each part of the face relates to a body part. For instance the forehead is the spine and the side of the eyes the lungs.

I felt so relaxed after the treatment and I’ve also took on board some massage techniques that Emma showed me. I have a facial massage roller at home, but I have never really used it so I am definitely going to pull out my oil and get started. A week later and my skin definitely is looking good and feeling great.

I’m definitely going to be booking in with Emma to try out the reflexology on the feet next.

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    June 12, 2016 at 21:15

    I’ve never tried facial reflexology before, but I’m really intrigued by the way it works. I like the fact that it de-stresses and it makes your skin nice and soft!

    Olivia x

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