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Tried & Tested – Night Creams For All Budgets

March 21, 2015

If there is one part of my skincare regime I will always make sure I use, it’s a night cream. It’s an easy one to remember to do just before bed and of course this is when your skin can reap the most rewards as you sleep. I love nothing better than lathering my face up in cream, especially as for me my skin is more on the drier side so this is the time when it can repair itself. So whatever your budget, here are some of the best night creams I have been trying out recently.


For me on the budget end of the spectrum, there was two night creams that really stood out for my skin type. These were The Beauty At Tesco Pro Formula Hydrating Night Cream and the Lacura Expert Regeneration Night Cream from Aldi. The Pro Formula is for sensitive/dry skin and is enriched with almond oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, oat extract and vitamin E complex to deliver hydration to the skin overnight. For just £3 I was so surprised this had hyaluronic acid in it, which for me is a vital factor to look out for in a night cream for my dry skin. It had a lovely feel to it and my skin felt soft in the morning. The cream also has a very light scent to it so nothing overpowering.

Night Cream Aldi & Tesco

The Lacura from Aldi, was a real winner for me. I absolutely loved using this cream. Weirdly it smells a bit like sun cream which put me off at first. This one is again packed with hyaluronic acid and also shea butter for hydration. It also offers anti-ageing benefits, with a trio of Mimox X to prevent skin cell damage, antioxidative white tea to reduce damage from free radicals and cell-to cell communicator to boost collagen and elastin production and renew skin firmness.

Aldi & Tesco Night Ceam

For just £3.99 that is a lot of benefits! My skin seemed to respond well to the cream and I could see a difference in the morning. For the anti-ageing benefits I would definitely have to continue to use this. It says after 4 weeks to notice a difference in wrinkles or elasticity, so I might have to stick to it and try it every day for full results.


In the mid-range price range there is definitely a lot of night creams to choose from. I tested out Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream £33, Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream £33.50 and MyChelle Revitalizing Night Cream £26.

Mid Range Night Cream

Aside Time Bomb’s trendy packaging, inside you will find a cream that is a unique combination of phytolipids, oils, hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants and vitamins. This cream acts like a paraffin treatment by forming a light rice bran waxy barrier on the skin overnight, to give skin a plump, dewy and well-rested look by morning. I was excited to use this one with all the benefits stated. The cream was nice to apply, has a lavender scent, which is good for relaxation at night and my skin looked great by morning, a real winner for me. I paired this with the Time Bomb cleanser and was really happy with the results of the two products together.

Time Bomb Replenishing Night Cream

Merumaya’s night cream is designed for essential moisturisation, to help restore and repair skin and also firm and lift.The cream contains two different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid for moisturisation and active ingredients such as Prodizia to repair skin while you sleep and tackle fatigue – great for dark circles. Idealift lifts and firms and Sytenol improves lines and elasticity. Again my skin felt hydrated after using this one, the only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the strong natural smell, but if you like natural smelling product then you would love it.

Merumaya Night Cream

Lastly MyChelle, this is an American brand and the night cream in this range promises reduction in wrinkles in 4 weeks, alongside skin firmness and increased hydration. This one has a light scent, sort of like lavender and quite natural. I have now discovered they also do an unscented version which I’d be keen to try as I really liked this cream but would prefer it without the scent. It had a cooling effect to it when applied that felt nice after a long day and my face felt like it was soaking it up and really reaping the hydration benefits. Again it is packed with superb ingredients like Monk Pepper for a radiant glow and Goji Berry for the all important antioxidants.

MyChelle Night Cream


After using Rodial’s Glamtox cleansing balm, I knew the Rodial Glamtox night £90 would be a treat to use. It has the same idea as a night cream would have, yet is slightly more gel in formula and it goes on thick without being too heavy on the skin. It really is like nothing I have used before. Rodial Glamtox reduces pore size, pigmentation and thickens skin overnight. It contains retinol microspheres to smooth out wrinkles and lines and also vitamin c which acts as an antioxidant. Overnight the skin reduces crows feet, lines and wrinkles, plumps and nourishes and brightens the skin for a glow in morning. When used with or without the Glamtox cleanser I was happy with the results of this. It really did feel like a luxury treat when applied to the face and I couldn’t wait to use it again.

Luxury Night Cream

Artistry Ideal Radiance moisture cream £53.65 isn’t labelled as a night cream as such but can be used both morning and night. In the morning the illuminating properties give you a nice glow underneath make-up, whilst at night my skin benefits from a slightly thicker application. The cream is ultra-hydrating, so during the day it protects where as at night it prevents dehydration for the day ahead. This cream was a sure fire winner for me, it just felt absolutely lovely on and I felt like my skin really benefited from it.

From testing out all of the above, it was hard to pick a favourite but I think Artistry really stood out for me, mainly as I can use it morning and night. However the Lacura from Aldi was such a surprise, it felt so lovely on and at such a fantastic price I was pretty blown away by how good it was!

Do you have a favourite night cream?

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