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October 7, 2014

When I buy a mascara I always tend to go for the real high-end ones like Chanel or YSL, I think as I have always had good results. That’s not to say I don’t ever go for the lesser priced ones but I have had some fairly bad results where it’s ended up all over my face by the end of the day, I’m looking at you Rimmel. So I wanted to see how some new brands I have never tried before would fair in the mascara stakes and here are the results!

I tested out Eye of Horus Goddess, NYX Fly With Me, Green People Volumising and Sleek I’m Conditional Mascara.

Mascaras Review

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara £19 – To strength, length and volumise lashes. Eye of Horus is an Australian brand and I just love the packaging! I love anything Egyptian so these really appealed. Eye of Horus do not test their products on animals, are paraben free and use essential oils and waxes in their products. The Goddess mascara includes Moringa Oil to help nourish and condition the lashes and also aid growth. From wearing fake eyelashes my lashes tend to fall out easily from the glue ,so this was major plus. It also is water-resistant and suitable for sensitive eyes, yet again another plus for me. I have to be careful what mascaras and eye products I use as my eyes are very sensitive. I really liked the brush on this one, it was a good size, not too small as I really hate the tiny comb brushes. It went on really easily and more importantly lasted all day without smudges. I really liked this mascara and will definitely continue to use it!

Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara Review

Sleek I’m Conditional Mascara £7.99 –  I had heard of Sleek make-up before, but never actually tried any of their products. I was sent this mascara to review so I thought it would be a good starting point. The mascara is said to promote long healthy lashes and help them grow. I haven’t been using it long enough to see any growth yet, but it went on really nicely, no clumps. The brush was nice and thick which I love! It gave a great volume look without being too over the top that I actually really liked this one. The only thing it failed on was at the end of the day I had some under my eyes and also the packaging is a bit plain.

Sleek I'm Conditional Mascara Review

Green People Organic Mascara £14.75 – This mascara has a thin brush that neatly covers each lash, absolutely no clumps and really layers up nicely to create a black and volumised look. In a sense my lashes looked like fake lashes after this, but not to the extreme that it looked stupid or anything, I mean just they looked long and full of volume, very naturally. This mascara has Vitamin E and plant oils to nourish lash roots and help in the long-term to improve condition and rich in pure pigments for a true black colour, plus it is also paraben free. I really enjoyed using this one and loved the effect it gave!

Green People Mascara Review

NYX Fly With Me £11.50 – The most interesting looking brush out of the four. Designed to really volumise lashes, it gave a really good coverage and a jet black colour which stood out. The rounder part at the end made it easier to get into the ends and give them a boost. Again I had heard of NYX but hadn’t tried it, I also have tried out their eyeliner which I’ll share with you soon. Overall another great mascara that for me looked really good on and seemed to last throughout the day.

NYX Fly With Me Mascara review

Have you got any good mascara recommendations?

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