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Tried & Tested – Facial Cleansing Oils

June 12, 2014

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to try out a cleansing oil. Especially as my skin can be pretty dry so it only makes sense to cleanse it with something that nourishes at the same time. My first experience with a cleansing oil came when I was in New York in April and picked up the Garnier cleansing oil, I used it throughout my stay and instantly fell in love, the only downside it’s not available in the UK. So with my heart set on a cleansing oil routine I decided to try out some others and see how they compared in my search for the best cleansing oil!

Firstly I’ll talk you through the Garnier Nourishing & Cleansing Oil and why I love it. I picked it up in CVS Pharmacy, these are pretty much the best drugstores in America, as they are everywhere and are packed with pretty much anything you could ever need! I think it was about $7 which is a great price for this oil. I still have quite a bit left from April and I just love the smell of it. It has Jojoba and Macademia Oil in it and it just feels so lovely on my face. All you have to do is apply some to your face and then rinse it off as you massage it in and my face definitely feels so much softer after it. It takes off all my make-up which I am very impressed about. I am so sad this isn’t in the UK yet, I tweeted Garnier to ask but said they had no plans as of yet to bring it here, major sad face!

Garnier Nourishing & Cleansing Oil Review

So in my quest I have been trying a few different branded cleansing oils to see if any of them can compare. First up I tried out Murad’s Renewing Cleansing Oil £29.00, it claims to ease dryness and restore suppleness which I was pretty excited about. The Murad also contains Jojoba oil plus Licorice and Sweet Almond Oil. It works in the same as to apply and then rinse off after massaging into the skin, it also works on eyes too. I liked the feel of this one it has a slight warm feeling on the skin and seemed to take my make-up off really well. The only thing is don’t get it in your mouth, it tastes really weird, but that aside I think this one sort of felt like it was pretty similar to the Garnier so I really enjoyed using it and again a little goes a long way, I have hardly even used much at all which is fantastic!

Murad Renewing Cleansing Oil Review

Gazelli’s Skin Balancing Cleanser £30 isn’t at first glance a cleansing oil but does contains Gazelli White Oil™. One misconception people have is that a cleansing oil will block all their pores and bring them out in spots, this is simply not the case and especially with Gazelli.This cleansing oil actually targets blemishes whilst nourishing and hydrating at the same time.I really enjoyed using this cleanser, I felt like it left my face very clean and soft, removed all make-up really easily and I like the way it foamed up more than the other cleansing oils. The Gazelli White Oil within the cleanser also has been proven to improve wrinkles and improve skins quality and tone. My dry skin on my forehead has definitely improved from using this!

Gazelli Skin Balancing Cleanser

Lastly I tested out Skin Revivals Organic Facial Oil £12 which includes rosehip & avocado. It is made from a vitamin rich blend of organic vegetable oils to leave you with clean glowing skin. This one for me had ups and downs, I liked the way it made my skin feel, very supple and soft but at removing make-up I wasn’t so convinced, I still felt there was a lot of traces on my face and had to follow-up with a few washes or use something separate to really tackle it. I liked the idea of an all natural product too, but I don’t feel it truly cleanses.

Skin Revivals Organic Cleansing Oil Review

During my trials I’ve become slightly obsessed with facial oils and I’m now looking to try a few more, I know Shu Uemeru are most famous for it and also Decleor have brought out a new Micellar Oil which I’m pretty excited about. I definitely think they take off make-up really well, don’t cause breakouts, leave skin feeling soft and for me help dryness.

Have you tried any facial cleansing oils? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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