If you haven’t noticed, pretty much most shops have a sale on and one I always wait for coming around is the ASOS sale. Theres something about a sale that really makes you go ‘YES! I got a bargain!’ and ASOS definitely has that effect with me. Especially when I have saved items I love on my profile and then find out they have gone into sale, it makes me feel so good I held out!

When the ASOS site went down over the weekend I actually was a bit gutted as I always go on for a browse, but they are back and now the sale has started too. Here are some of my top picks of the sale at ASOS and a few that will take you right through to Autumn as taken from the trends on the catwalk. Key items – Boyfriend Jeans, sequins, a bomber jacket and a kitch bag.

What’s on your ASOS wish list?