Top 3 Beard products for national beard week
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Top 3 Beard Products To Celebrate National Beard Week

June 29, 2015

Yes you read right, this week sees a whole week dedicated to beards. Whether you are a pogonophile (someone who finds people attractive with beards) or just appreciate the movement then this is the week for you. Obviously as a bearded man I will be celebrating all week-long, so I thought it would be a good idea to put together three of my favourite beard products.

Top 3 Beard products for national beard week

Babyliss i-Stubble £59.99Proraso Beard Oil £12.50Bolin Webb R1-S Razor £40


The Babyliss For Men i-Stubble is my weapon of choice when taming my beard, it has a number of settings, from very short 5 o’clock shadow to the three-day unshaven look or even the fuller bearded look I currently have. The i-Stubble is one of the easier trimmers on the market, pick the length you want and start going against the grain of your beard. The lengths come in millimetres, which is great if you are unsure of how short you like it, start at 5mm and go down. A little tip for you, if you would like slightly longer than 5mm or would like to control the fluff or weight of your beard, flip the trimmer around and trim downwards, this will control the length being taken off but will take some of the weight off. Another stand out product is also the Philips styleshaver.


Many bearded men think the upkeep of a beard is just trimming or washing it when they wash their hair. But if you are really into keeping your beard looking neat, reducing the fluff and prevent dandruff try something like Proraso Beard Oil. The oil is easy to apply, either massage it into a slight damp beard or apply with a beard comb. The oil definitely helps to keep control of your beard and smells great. If you are looking for some other great face products have a read of the Nip & Man review.


Whether you like the caveman beard or the hipster look you will want to keep your neckline tidy. The Bolin Webb R1-S Razor has an ergonomic design with rubber on the bottom side to gain maximum grip while shaving, pretty clever. I have a razor from this range and it’s by far the best razor I have ever used. The R1-S blades are easily replaced and are actually from the Gillette Mach 3 range, so widely widely available and easy to keep clean. If you are looking for some advice or shaving products to help you definitely click over to my recent post on my daily shaving routine.

Happy National Beard Week!

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