5 tips to achieve a minimalist home office
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5 Tips To Achieve A Minimalist Home Office

April 20, 2016

When it comes to my working space I ideally like it to be clutter free. Not only is it easy to keep clean, but it also helps me to work more productively. Just having everything organized and tidy can stop me from feeling stressed and just help me to concentrate on the task at hand.

A minimalist decor is ideal for this and so I thought I would share my top five tips to help achieve a minimalist home office.


A minimalist decor can really help to keep things organized. So to help achieve this design, look for storage solutions to keep paperwork, stationary and bits and bobs tidied away and surfaces clean. If you live in a smaller space like an apartment, storage is key to be able to keep a room in this theme and it is also a great way to be able to know where everything is, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for something. Lots more time to concentrate on the task at hand.

5 tips to a minimalist home office


If you don’t have all the space in the world but love the idea of a minimalist decor, try rearranging a little. I think of it a little like the way I take flat-lay pictures for Instagram, sometimes just moving an object slightly to the left or maybe taking something away from the picture, can make it look ten times better. This works in practice exactly the same when it comes to your home office. If your computer and items are more focused to the left, switch them over to the right or remove the plant on your desk that you never water. Little things can make a big difference to a minimalist decor.


Stick to one overall colour for your home office. Everyone thinks a minimalist home office should be white or maybe even monochrome, but it could be pink if you like. As long as you stick to one or two colours throughout, it will look less cluttered and chaotic. Of course white does always work very well, it makes the space look bright and clean and can even give the illusion of more space, why do you think everyone paints their walls white when they are trying to sell a house. A good way to keep it fresh after a period of time could be to revisit the colour scheme or use different textures. For instance say your colour scheme was white, you could always freshen it up with a pop of colour, such as light blue or pink.

5 tips to achieve a minimalist home office - the ldn diaries


Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration for your home decor design, even if some of the ideas are a little pipe dream, there is no harm creating your perfect home in boards – I mean we all know you have that secret wedding board. By creating a board you are able to compile lots of ideas in one place and then either take away a certain look from it to recreate or maybe just an item that’s caught your eye. With a minimalist design it’s all about clear surfaces and a few carefully placed objects. Pinterest is the perfect place to find images just like this.

Focal Point

If you are not too great at being minimalist – trust me I just seem to collect stuff. Then aim for a focal point. For most of us in a home office this will be your laptop or computer or perhaps the desk or chair. Think of your room/office as a grid and carefully place objects around the focal point. Of course a room with just a desk, chair and a lamp could be a bit boring. So group similar objects together, such as a pile of books in a designated area, these will make a bold but very carefully placed minimalist statement. Remember quality over quantity.

5 tips to a minimalist home office

For more home office decor ideas, check out mine and other experts tips over on the Argos website.

Image source – Pinterest.

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