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Time Bomb – Holiday In A Bottle Review

February 28, 2014

Time Bomb beauty products are a unique selection of carefully selected skincare and cosmetics which have been developed with anti-ageing in mind. As I hit 30 next month, I can’t even type that, I have been looking into some anti-ageing skincare and Time Bomb with their motto ‘The secret weapon in the war against ageing’ really stood out for me and I have been eager to give them a try.

One of their cosmetics products I particularly liked the sound of was Holiday In A Bottle, which is described as a, “Quick hit of sunshine, that transforms pale, ashen indoor complexions into a healthy, fresh beachy-looking beauty”, sounds good to me. My face is always quite pale and I normally wear fake tan on it before applying my foundation, which to be honest can be very drying for my skin. With Holiday In A Bottle, it is not a self-tanner or foundation it’s a new formula which is very light and goes on really smoothly, it does’t feel like you have anything on it but of course the results are very visual.

Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle

Holiday In A Bottle Time Bomb

So how does it work?

Start by pumping out a little from the bottle, which is great as it means you won’t use too much and as you can see the liquid which is oil-free and paraben free is a very light colour at first.

Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle

Gently rub it into your skin and the micro-pigments immediately burst on touch and spread out onto your skin, giving a nice, sheer sunkissed glow instantly!

Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle

At first it can look quite daunting but as soon as you really blend it in it adjusts to a really perfect holiday skin colour. Here it looks a little darker on my hand, but on my face it just added a perfect blend of colour, I instantly went from vampire pale to having a much more glowing, healthy and natural colour on my face.

Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle

Holiday In A Bottle is available in two shades, I was using Sunkissed which is the lighter of the two, it also comes in Suntanned for those looking for a deeper colour. I am so impressed with this product and it really does do what it says. Even if you are incredibly pale it will give you a great colour on the face, so don’t worry about having some sort of fake-tanned effect, it will definitely not make you look orange. I have been using it in place of my self-tanner and of course adding foundation on top, but if you are brave enough to go make-up free I’d recommend using it for that extra colour. I can’t wait to use this on holiday as well, I hate wearing make-up on holiday so this will be great to make me beach ready!

Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle

Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle is available from QVC and the Time Bomb website for £28. I looking forward to trying more from the range!

P-Ho Rating: [usr=4]

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