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The Fish & Chip Shop

April 1, 2015

The Fish & Chip shop in Islington, is situated on Upper Street where you will find a whole host of restaurants, bars and shops. Being my local area it is a place I frequent regularly but this was my first visit to the Fish & Chip Shop, which is not what you would expect from the title but actually a very nice fish and seafood restaurant by Des McDonald, ex CEO of Caprice holdings and also the man behind Q Grill at Selfridges.

The Fish & Chip Shop

When my dad was recently down visiting we couldn’t decide where or what to eat. Do you ever have those days when you just aren’t sure what to eat or where to go? That’s when I love websites like Quandoo, you can just type in what type of cuisine you would like and it will give you lots of options of places to go to inspire. After much debating we decided we wanted fish and chips and I had been wanting to try out The Fish & Chip shop for a while so it was the perfect time to go!

The Fish & Chip Shop Islington

Inside the restaurant it has a sort of traditional feel and by that I mean the bar lines the wall, pictures on the wall, chalkboards with the specials and there is friendly and cosy atmosphere and it just generally gave me that feeling.

The Fish & Chip Shop

We started off our meal with some crusty bread and salted butter, I love just starting off with bread it’s just an easy option. There are lots of bigger starters on the menu like oysters, prawns and scotched hen’s eggs, but we were both pretty stuffed from our Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Masons.

Crusty bread and salted butter

For mains and being with dad, funnily enough we both like the same things and so both ordered the simple cod and chips. The Fish & Chip shop has a very varied menu of seafood from shrimp burgers to cornish monkfish vindaloo, but again we kept it very simple with good old fish & chips, that was of course why we were here. The fish was absolutely huge and was so fresh tasting with the crispy batter. Chips were deliciously tasty and the two went together perfectly.

Fish & Chips


We were both too stuffed for dessert but to wet your appetite they have chocolate and toffee sundaes, raspberry bakewell tart and a whole collection of sorbets and ice-creams. I was tempted with the sorbet but my belly was just too full.

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