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Starskin 7 Second Overnight Mask

January 31, 2018

At night is the time when I do the most with my skincare, I’ll spend that extra time with peels and oils and have a true pamper on some evenings. However it comes a time when I am just so tired and want to quickly pop into bed. I never want to miss out on my skincare benefits, so I’ll usually just cover my face in a mask and when I saw Starskin had released a 7-second overnight mask, I couldn’t wait to test it out.

Starskin are most known for their Korean style sheet masks, which are if not my favourite sheet mask. They stick so well to your face and the serums leaves it feeling so moisturised afterwards that I just love putting one on. They have lots of different sheet masks now, with some targeted for just eyes and lips and they even brought out a Starskin make-up applicator which I loved. So it’s not surprising to see them expanding the range with the overnight mask pads. The mask is said to be a 7-in-1; massage, exfoliator, toner, oil serum, night cream, sleeping mask and mood relaxer.

Starskin Overnight Pads Review - Beauty Blogger The LDN Diaries
Starskin Overnight Pads Review - Beauty Blogger The LDN Diaries

I’ve been testing these out for a little while and from using the very first pad, I instantly knew I was obsessed. The pads come in a tub of twenty with a pair of tweezers to carefully pick out your overnight pad and each is for a single use. They couldn’t be simpler to use, really they couldn’t! Pick up a pad using your tweezers and place your hand into it like a glove. Start off with the beaded side of the pad and massage your skin with this for just seven seconds. It seems such a short amount of time, but I would say just make sure you work your way around your whole face quickly and that’s your seven seconds. Then turn the pad round and pat in the serum and that’s it, your ready to go to bed, I told you it was quick.

The pad is soaked in a water based serum of white water-lily and queen of the night extracts both of which aim to improve skin texture, promote skin-healing and improve elasticity. The serum includes camellia japonica seed oil and wild chamomile, as well as amino acids to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, the perfect ingredients for overnight when the skin rebuilds. It also has mood balancing oils like lavender and bergamot to help the body relax. Plus Starskin’s own formulated Meteobrite which has Meteorite dust from the North-west Sahara that is rich in minerals such as iron and copper and helps deliver radiance and encourage collagen production.

Starskin Overnight Pads Review - Beauty Blogger The LDN Diaries
Starskin Overnight Pads Review - Beauty Blogger The LDN Diaries

But does it work? In a word yes.

My skin looked radiant the next day and felt soft to touch, I couldn’t wait to use another one the next evening. It was just like the serum I love from the sheet masks in a pad and as much as I love my skincare routine, I loved the ease of these. I would still look to exfoliate and use my other products in my usual skincare routine, but for those quick and easy evenings or for when I travel I love them.

Starskin also have a 7-second morning mask which I have also been trying from their Mask Boss set. These have been a gorgeous base for my make-up and I think would work for most skin types, but if you are slightly drier like me I can’t recommend them enough.

Starskin Overnight pads are £32.50 and available now at Selfridges and ASOS.

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