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March 23, 2013

This is a bit of a different post for me, mainly because I know nothing about football and yes you did just accidentally stumble upon a fashion blog by searching Arsenal. But indeed I did actually go on a tour of the Arsenal Emirates stadium. The reason for this being my boyfriend is a big fan and for Christmas he was given a present to tour the stadium so I tagged along.

Now as I said I’m not a football fan but I have increasingly upped my knowledge by playing Fantasy Football with my boyfriend and pretty much beating him every week :p

The tour begins with a set of headphones and a suspicious looking little box with numbers on it, this is going to be my tour guide. We also were given some pretty neat VIP pass style Arsenal tags.

arsenal stadium tour

arsenal stadium

It kicks off with some knowledge of the old club owners and coaches which to be honest didn’t over excite me but for a fan I guess it would. Now the next part of the tour is where I got interested, we went up to the Directors area and got to sit in their plush leather seats on looking the pitch. I’ve never been to a football game but this was pretty sweet to have a bird’s eye view on everything. After that the man through the headphones tells you to go upstairs to the Diamond Club…

arsenal emirates stadium

Now this sounded good to me, it’s named after a precious stone and I’m told celebrities and top footballers come here to watch the game and enjoy food in the art deco styled restaurant. Which is headed up by none other than Raymond Blanc the Two Michelin Star chef. Now just to get an invite!

emirates diamond club

emirates diamond club

I also got to have a peek round the changing rooms which felt a bit like something from Come Dine with Me, noted the Away changing rooms are definitely not as nice as the Home ones. The tunnel onto the pitch kept me amused, but my favourite part was seeing the little interview rooms where the players get interviewed by the likes of SKY and BBC after the game.

arsenal changing rooms

arsenal changing room

sky tv presenter

arsenal press room

This then led onto the press room where I took my seat ready for questions, by the looks of the above picture it was not a nice question!

Look out for the time capsule, complete with Thierry Henry’s socks none the less.

arsenal time capsule

Weirdly I had a really great day and my boyfriend enjoyed it too.

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