Seventeen Face Studio Review
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Seventeen Face Studio Review

October 28, 2013

I have been trying out some new products from Seventeen for the face as part of their face studio range. I chose the Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter, Phwoarr Paint Undereye Concealer, Flawless Poreless Primer and Stay Time Long Wear primer to test out over the last couple of weeks and here are the results…

Seventeen Review Face Studio Products

WOW! 3 Way Skin Highlighter

First up the highlighter, which I have actually tried 3 ways and it works! I first used it as a highlighter on the cheekbones and I was impressed with the sheen, it was really noticeable and was a lovely pink colour. You only need a tiny bit as well as it spreads really easily. I applied it over foundation and then under my blusher to create a lovely effect. The other ways to wear it are to wear as a primer, which I found helped my foundation go on easily but the glow isn’t as strong as when applied over or mixed with foundation which is the other way to wear it. I’d recommend this product as it will last and gives a really fantastic glow, for £5.99 it is a great price.

Seventeen 3 Way Highlighter

Phwoarr Paint Under Eye Concealer

I love the texture of this concealer, especially as it’s for under the eyes, it’s a nice and light cream but at the same time covers the dark circles. I blended this with a concealer brush under my eyes and also around my nose to cover my red area and it worked really well, I didn’t need to apply too much either.  I have tried many under eye concealers and this one rates highly with me. I used colour ‘Fair’ and price £5.49

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review

Phwoarr Paint Review Seventeen

Stay Time Long Wear Primer vs Flawless Poreless Primer

These two primers are completely different so it’s almost hard to compare them in any way. Stay Wear firstly is a cream, which I have always used for a primer. It has a nice texture and a light colour when applied. I found it went on nicely and helped my foundation go on smoothly. It’s hard to judge the staying power  as my foundation is a bad mo fo (Dior Forever if you are wondering) and stays on through thick and thin, but my face managed to look like it was in the morning till the end of the day so it definitely helped the foundation to stick to my skin. Price £5.49

Seventeen Primer Review

Flawless Poreless Primer is completely different in the fact its in a compact and unlike the cream its very light and you can just about feel it on your fingertips, I was very confused. However when applied to my face I compared to the non primer side and could definitely feel the smoothness. It also made my foundation glide on which I love as my skin can be quite dry. I wasn’t sure I’d like this as I always like a cream primer but it has surprised me and I love the glide and smooth finish feel.  Price £5.99

Have you tried any of these products?

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