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Redken Brews Men’s Hair & Grooming Range Review

April 24, 2018

Redken Brews is the new one stop shop for men’s grooming. Coming off the back of the grooming boom and the increased popularity in men’s barbering Redken have created a dedicated line of products inspired by New York and classic barber shops.

It’s a huge range with three different categories; cleansers, styling and skincare. As you would expect from Redken the styling range is packed full of products, including two different pomades and a work hard styling paste, which is similar to my favourite Redken product, the 12 texture rough paste.

Here are my top picks from the Redken Brews Range.

Redken Brews Review

Redken Brews Cleansers

Daily Shampoo £12.50 – Buy Now

The daily shampoo is one of those products that is great for men who use heavy-duty hair styling products. It’s definitely following the trend of  the daily shampoos that many other brands have released over the last six months. It’s mid weight and smells quite nice and cleanses the hair well. It suggests it works on all hair types and I was test driving it before I went much shorter and worked well on mid length hair too.

Mint Shampoo £12.50 – Buy Now

Decent men’s barbers have been using mint shampoo’s for as long as I can remember going to barbers.  Like the daily shampoo it’s designed for regular usage and cleans well but smells a little nicer. I can imagine quite a few guys picking this over the daily shampoo and an odd girlfriend stealing it as it cleans slightly better and importantly smells nicer.

There is also a 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Yes a 3 in 1 for the ultimate lazy man, actually probably perfect for gym goers and if you are always in a rush. I tested it out a few times and it worked well in my hair, definitely won’t be replacing my shower gel but if you’re a busy person pretty sure you’d love it.

Redken Brews Review

Redken Brews Styling

Wax Pomade £13.50 – Buy Now

The wax pomade is really a hybrid for today’s hair styles. As it would suggest wax pomade is more of a classic pomade with the higher shine and stronger hold than just a wax. It’s strong and heavy-duty so a good shampoo is highly recommended, I have used the product a handful of times on shorter hair and I would say it’s something suited to mid length to longer length hair styles. I can see this product being popular with the longer men’s styles in currently.

Clay Pomade £13.50 – Buy Now

Probably my favourite product out of the range. Although it suggests it’s a clay pomade, it’s texture and hold is more like a lighter clay which is a good thing. I tend to stay away from pomades and clays as I am thinning and they often tear your hair, especially when styling and washing. This Redken Clay Pomade is easy to come out and gives you re-workable hair throughout the day. Something I like about the Clay Pomade is the texture it gives to your hair without a pre styler and the hold it gives with a small amount of the product. I would buy this when I run out especially with my current messy textured hair style.

Redken Brews Review

Workhard Molding Paste £13.50 – Buy Now

Work Hard is definitely a rework of the Redken 12 Rough Styling Paste, which is one of my favourite hair styling products. The difference appears to be how wet the Work Hard comes out of the container and how much hair product comes out. The Work Hard Paste is good for all types and lengths of hair, as it is a paste it is easy to use, it gives good texture to your hair and you can style many classic styles without it looking overly shiny or greasy. One thing that the Work Hard has in it’s favour is that it is durable and allows you to rework without losing it’s hold too much. Redken have suggested this is one of the most popular products and I am not surprised, I would probably still pick the Redken 12 Paste if to buy again but worth buying if you are getting any of the Redken Brews range.

Redken Brews Skincare

Shave Cream £15.00 –  Buy Now

Redken Brews Shave Cream is one of the products I was most interested in test driving as I have sensitive skin and it is also suggested it is great for a close shave. The shave cream is a mix between a transparent cream and a shaving gel, it’s actually far more transparent than I was expecting and as a bearded man you can see where you are shaving and does provide a very clean shave and did reduce shaving friction and redness that I sometimes get from newer creams. This is actually similar to my favourite Kiehl’s Smooth Glider Precision Shave Lotion.

Redken Brews Review

All in all if you are looking for good products at the mid-price range then Redken Brews is most likely for you.

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