Philips SatinPerfect Wet & Dry Review
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Philips SatinPerfect Wet & Dry Epilator Review

July 22, 2014

I have never tried an epilator before and have always wanted to give it a go,but the pain scare mongering stories have always managed to put me off. However I decided to put on a brave face and put one to the test!

My choice was the Philips SatinPerfect Wet & Dry Epilator, this deluxe edition comes with so many accessories plus I liked the idea of being able to use it wet and dry, as I figured maybe wet was less painful. In the set you get the main SatinPerfect epilator, a smaller version for sensitive areas like bikini and underarms, adjustable heads so it also comes with a shaving and trimming head too and one to help lift up flat hairs, a brush to clean them out, a set of tweezers and a little bag to keep it all in.

Philips SatinPerfect Wet & Dry Epilator

The ceramic textured discs are said to remove even fine, short hairs so this really appealed to me as one of the reasons I hate waxing is having to grow the hair, so if this worked on shorter hair like shaving does I could easily be swayed into it. If you have never epilated before the way it works is that the tweezing discs remove the hair sort of one by one, a bit like plucking but without hurting the skin- sounds a bit terrifying, I know! The main epilator has two settings which can be activated by pressing the button in the middle and it lights up. The first setting is a little faster and the second slower for more sensitive skin.

Philips SatinPerfect Wet & Dry Epilator Review

Philips SatinPerfect Wet & Dry Epilator Review

One thing I loved about this set was the tweezers, they weren’t just your standard tweezers, no these ones light up, which is perfect as I never ever have the best light for plucking my eyebrows!

Philips Epilator Light Up Tweezers

I decided to give the epilator a proper test, so I started on my legs. Let’s just say I really wasn’t expecting that sort of pain! However after I persisted on my right leg, I sort of got used to the feeling and it isn’t so bad after all. I think the more you do it the more you will get used to it. I then tried my left leg in the bath for the wet function. For me I didn’t find much of a difference on the pain level and actually found it more tricky as I couldn’t pull the skin as tight, I think in the shower it would be slightly easier, but for me I’m going to stick to it dry.

Once I epilated I added some moisturiser as your legs are a bit red looking from the hairs being pulled out, don’t worry this goes away. After a whole week my legs were still smooth and still are now, so that has been nearly two weeks! For underarms it’s a bit tricky to get the hang of it and definitely feels more painful, but I really want to persist with this.

Philips SatinPerfect Wet & Dry Epilator

I am very impressed with the results of this epilator, as after shaving the hair grows back practically straight away, so it will be great before I go on holiday and perfect for the summer months when I’m always wearing dresses or shorts. If you can suffer the pain I definitely recommend trying it out. It’s not that bad I promise! The Philips SatinPerfect is currently priced at £99.99 on Amazon.

I have put together a video with my thoughts also, just because I think it is a bit easier to explain the process on camera. Watch it below and remember to subscribe to my channel if you like it and for more videos like this!

Have you ever tried epilation before, I’d love to hear what you think?

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