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Turn Back The Clock With These Overnight Treatments

October 16, 2017

Now that we are well and truly into Autumn and with the clocks going back next week, it’s not surprising if you are starting to feel a little lethargic and tired. It’s darker at nights, in fact I am actually dreading when it gets to 3pm and it’s pitch black. So nights snuggled inside with the heating on and candles a blazing are what I’m excited for.

With more nights in, it leaves me with more time to pamper and one way I like to give my skin and face a boost is with an overnight treatment. These are a great way to look like you’ve had plenty sleep when in reality maybe you haven’t. I also love to use these kind of treatments when I’m flying as they lock in moisture and are great for long-haul flights. Overnight treatments are a crucial step in my anti-ageing routine and here are some of my favourites I’ve been enjoying using.

Overnight Treatments Skincare UK Beauty Blogger

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

If you are looking for a natural overnight product, then Antipodes Avocado Pear Night Cream is your go to. The cream which has been proven to stimulate collagen production, has so many good things packed into it, including Manuka Honey, Avocado Oil and Vinanza Grape. Vinanza Grape is a potent antioxidant extract from none other than Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, but don’t worry you won’t wake up feeling drunk, in fact the opposite, refreshed and renewed. The grape seeds help to neutralise the effects of free radical damage that can lead to premature ageing.

Shiseido Beauty Sleeping Mask

I decided to give this mask a try after I fell in love with the Shiseido Firming Massage Mask. The Beauty Sleeping Mask is part of the Ibuki range and is such a treat for the skin overnight. It’s an overnight gel mask that has vitamin C & E capsules within it and when applied to the skin, they melt into it. Being a gel texture, it dries in quickly but instantly feels hydrating. It has a slight scent of violet which I didn’t find off-putting and it is actually to help you have a good nights sleep. The mask contains a phytoplankton extract which thrives in the severely dry Sahara desert, this helps to keep skin hydrated and plump for a well-rested look by morning. Apply at night and by morning your skin will have a dewy, refreshed and plump glow, I love it.

Shiseido Sleeping Mask Review

Algenist Recharging Night Pressed Serum

If anti-ageing is your main concern, then try something like this night serum from Algenist. It feels more like a very light cream than a liquid type serum product and you’ll notice a smell of coconut from the coconut water. The serum has Alguronic Acid, a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that you will find in Alegnist products, that can accelerate cell turnover. It aims to reduce lines and wrinkles, hydrate skin and recharge fatigued skin. Perfect for layering on overnight and waking up in the morning to a less tired looking you.

Image Skincare Stem Cell Creme

I discovered Image skincare when I had their Signature Lift Facial at Privet Body and this is how I came across their stem cell cream. It is a really luxurious moisturiser to use and from the minute you apply this your skin feels cocooned in hydration. This stem cell creme has cell technology derived from herbaceous alpine plants to help prevent ageing effects on the skin and contains a maximum concentration of peptides to smooth wrinkles and expression lines. It promotes collagen production and the ingredients slowly release into the skin over 48 hours which give the skin benefits over a longer amount of time. So using this overnight is ideal. I am obsessed with this cream, it’s so good for my dehydrated skin.

Image Skincare Stem Cell Creme Best Overnight Treatments Skincare UK Beauty Blogger

001 Skincare Gla Squalane Balm

If you want to wrap your skin for the night in a blanket of hydration then 001 Gla Sqaulane Balm will do just that. It’s a cream texture that rubs in easily and dries in quickly too, so there isn’t a thick layering feeling in the slightest. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hydrating, it replenishes the skin’s natural moisture levels and aims to restore the skins lipid barrier overnight. It has fatty acids including Rosehip Seed, Argan Kernel, Borage Seed & Shea which boost skin cells to help build an effective moisture barrier. Squalane is extracted from an olive and is known as ‘natures botox’, it helps to increase water content, elasticity and texture of the skin. Whilst Retinyl-A is a milder form of retinol and a great way to boost collagen. A real overnight treat.

ESPA Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster

ESPA’s night booster works with your existing serum or night cream. Just apply a few droplets using the glass dropper into your usual serum or moisturiser to turn it into an anti-ageing night product. The booster helps to intensify skin’s natural overnight renewal cycle and daytime barrier function. It has a combination of plant actives, marine actives and essential oils, such as canola oil which helps to calm, soothe and protect the skin, whilst winged kelp helps strengthen the skins natural moisture barrier. The result is smooth, refreshed and well-slept skin in morning.

ESPA Tri Active Night Booster UK Beauty Blog

Don’t forget to turn back your clock on October 29th!

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