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Olympic Fever Part Deux

August 11, 2012

BT London Live at Hyde Park is like a mini festival. It has been set up for the Olympics and has a variety of activities including sporting games you can try out, Cadbury’s awesome Joy House, BT internet/bar, lots of food and drink and of course giant screens to watch the Games. I am loving getting involved in these outdoor Olympic pop-ups, so I went down yesterday to watch and enjoy the sun!

The event is free and you can either register online for tickets or queue once you get there to get in, so you don’t need to get a ticket beforehand. Inside as it was in Hyde Park I was expecting grass, but all inside is wood bark, which is not the best for sitting on so make sure to bring your blanket.

As it was super warm the place was packed. Lined with food stalls, burgers and chips, hotdogs to paninis and wine bars. I liked the look of this camper style Mexican place.

The Sun had a stall where you could sit out on the deckchairs, the cheerleaders performed and they also these great photo booth opportunities. To which I of course dived in at!

The highlight of the day was definitely the Cadbury Joyville house. Now be prepared there is a long queue! It took us about an hour and a half, but the Cadbury peeps happily provided us with water and chocolate while we waited. I was hoping what we were going to see would be worth the wait and it was.

Once we finally got into the House, we were greeted by a Cadbury Joyville worker with a crazy Joyville uniform and a megaphone. She was our guide and picked me out to, first honk the horn and then hold down the big massive button which blew wind right in my face, definitely made me laugh. After an introduction we all had to close our eyes to which some lovely melted chocolate appeared for us in little pots, delicious.

We then had a tour of the history as we went through the giant, what felt like bouncy castle. I got to write Team GB a message of support on the wall and we then got to go into the photo booth where we had to grab some props and pose!


We also got to pose on a podium with a GB flag and were given our gold medals, which were chocolate of course. What’s great is that you are given a pass that you can connect to Facebook, you register in the queue and this enables you to swipe it and upload these photos to Facebook or email straight away, what a an awesome idea.

Here is John and I celebrating our win!

After lots of chocolate and having a go at a few of the sporting activities later, we headed to the BT stage where Stooshe were playing.

A very enjoyable day out in the sun and even funnier, a lovely lady asked for my photo as she thought my ‘gold’ medal was a real one. Might have to wear it more often now.

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