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As the sun is looking to come out this weekend and I am looking ahead to my trip to Miami, I was doing research on new sandals and stumbled upon Ancient Greek Sandals. As soon as I saw them, I snapped up a pair of the Ikaria winged flats!

The collection is inspired by Ancient Greek goddesses & nymphs as well as myths, pottery, jewellery and sculpture from the era. I think they are just the perfect sandals, with so many styles and colours to choose from. Each sandal is handmade and made from chemical-free natural leather which will last!

Here are a few of my favourite styles, starting with my Platinum Ikaria, I can’t wait for them to arrive!


Silver Medea Cut Out Sandals

Ancient Green Sandals Medea - The P-Ho Diaries

Natural Leather Nephele Wing Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals Nephele - The P-Ho Diaries

Arethousa sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals Arethousa - The P-Ho Diaries

Marios Schwab Low Gladiator Sandal

Ancient Greek Sandals Marios Schwab Low Gladiator - The P-Ho Diaries

Which is your favourite?