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Kate Kerr Brightening Facial With Neo Elegance Illumination LED Mask

October 26, 2016

I’ve tried my fair share of facials, everything from facial reflexology to a black diamond facial and even oxygen and laser facials. Recently I was invited to try out the Neo Elegance LED Illumination Mask with the brilliant Kate Kerr, who has over 15 years of experience in clinical facials and skincare and is one very in demand lady, so I was excited for my treatment.

The facial was at the Mondrian Hotel’s Agua Bathhouse And Spa which I had only briefly been to once before for an event so it was great to have another little nosy inside and yep, still gorgeous. The waiting area is so relaxing and has this amazing copper centrepiece.

I followed Kate to her treatment room and we went through kind of a questionnaire, don’t worry you don’t need to swot up for this, it’s just a way for Kate to see how your skin is, what your concerns are and what sort of products you already use for your routine. I always find this tricky as I try a lot of products and so it’s hard to remember sometimes which ones I am more regularly using (probably one of my major problems for my skin). My concerns were mainly my drier areas, my redness and also I had been breaking out a lot recently and I don’t tend to get spots so wondered why.

Kate knew straight away before even looking at my skin what the problem was and after looking at it under the lamp, this was confirmed. My skin was layering up in dead skin cells, how lovely. Which was making any products I put on my skin just sit there and not really do anything as they can’t get into the skin’s layers. It also results in clogged pores, which was causing my breakouts. I definitely am guilty of not exfoliating enough so this is something I will be doing from now on.

Throughout the facial Kate explained what she was doing and using and I was able to ask lots of questions about my skin and products. Learning to avoid oils and even to stop using moisturiser, as my skin needs to build up its own moisture again so when I use these it gets lazy and won’t do this. Even though I get to try a lot of skincare products in my job, I feel like it’s not always easy to work out what’s right for me.

I can recommend products, but sometimes I find it hard to work out what I should be using and what is going to work for me. Kate also did quite a few extractions, if you aren’t sure what that is then it’s basically getting rid of any spots and blackheads, it can be pretty painful, but do stick in there as the results are always worth it.

The last part of the facial was the Neo Elegance LED Illumination Mask. You may have seen this on my Twitter already, it basically looks like something you wouldn’t find unfamiliar wearing at Halloween. The mask works by exposing the skin to LED light which in turn makes the skin’s surface activate enzymes that boost cellular turnover. The cells absorb the energy of the light to accelerate cell biochemical circulation and stimulate the production of collagen.

Neo Elegance Facial London Review

Blue light energy kills acne bacteria while the red light encourages rejuvenation diminishing swelling and inflammation. I had the blue light to help my cell turnover and stop me breaking out. I was a bit scared I would feel claustrophobic at first, but after a while I sort of forgot I had it on.

After my facial Kate gave me recommendations of products to use from brands such as ZO Skincare and Skinceuticals. These are skincare brands that get the job done and I’m not one for following up on every product after a facial, but I now have everything Kate suggested and I am looking forward to trying out these for the next couple of months to see how my skin gets on. Kate also recommended applying a sulfur mask when I got home, so I wouldn’t break out after the facial and also help to get rid of my remaining spots. It worked a treat and I now firmly have a sulfur mask in my skincare cabinet.

My facial was the Kate Kerr brightening facial, which aims to deep cleanse and hydrate whilst increasing cell renewal and improving your skin’s tone, clarity and overall health. If you want results from your facial, then I definitely recommend booking in with Kate. For a list of treatments available visit

Neo Elegance is available nationwide, for facials near you visit

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