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July 8, 2015

I am always trying new skincare and I do have a few favourite brands that I always use and find they really work for me. However when I recently went for a facial treatment at Privet Body, I was given a facial using Murad products. I had only tried a couple of their products before and did really like them, but for some reason didn’t seem to pay much notice to it. I was so wrong.

I loved my facial so much and the benefits of the products in that short amount of time, I’m talking from being at the salon and leaving, that I bought the Murad Recovery Gel to take home and try. I suffer from redness around my nose area and this was recommended by the facialist at the time. Once home and trying it, I really did see instant results, so much so that I am confident to not need to wear foundation all the time to cover it up. I was so amazed by this that when I was at the airport I decided to pick up a few more bits and try them out, with that duty-free discount it’s really a no brainer.

So I got the Perfecting Day Cream and also the Perfecting Night Cream and then also when I got home as they didn’t have it at the time, the Soothing Skin & Lip Care balm. I had been given a sample of this at the salon and used it all holiday that I was desperate for more.

Murad Skincare Review

First up the Murad Recovery Treatment Gel £49, it is really light and thin in texture, almost like water. It goes on really easily, dries in and you can either apply it to your whole face or like me I only apply it to the redness area I have affected. The science, it has azelaic acid which retextures and hydrates the skin to relieve tightness, goji berry and pomegranate extract to accelerate the healing of dry flaky skin whilst reducing the inflammation and also zinc oxide and peppermint to calm and soothe stinging skin.  This is a really good gel if you suffer from redness and sensitive skin, I have found it has really worked and am continuing to use it on a daily basis.

Murad Recovery Treatment Gel review

The Murad Perfect Day £42 & Night Cream £47 is part of the Age Reform range. The day cream was perfect for me on holiday as it had SPF 30 so I just covered my face it in every day and the night cream, is a gorgeous texture, not too thick and doesn’t leave a greasy film over your face. This is great for dry or dehydrated skin as it has borage seed oil and also vitamin A to help increase healthy cell growth.

Murad Perfecting Day & Night Cream Review

Murad Soothing Skin Care & Lip Balm £19.50 is ideal for dried lips, I never knew Vaseline which I had regularly been using just sits on the lips and doesn’t help them, this however does and helps to repair dry chapped lips. You can also use it on dry skin a bit like a multi purpose balm and a tip I picked up from the facialist was to put them on spots around the chin before sleep.

Murad Soothing Skin and Lip care review

I decided to do a test and tried using only the Murad products for a few weeks and all I can say is wow. I have never seen my skin look better than this. Admittedly being a blogger I chop and change products as I am either testing them out or just get easily distracted, so it was a bit of a challenge to stick to a routine. My skin though is so grateful and I am so excited by the Murad brand. Even though other products have worked for me, these are a whole new level and I’m considering only using them. Of course I am still happy to test other skincare, but I feel with these I’ve found a skincare line that really, really does work for me.

I can’t wait to try more in the line and have my eye on the Redness Therapy serum and gel cleanser.

Have you tried Murad before, what do you think of it?

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