Morgan Taylor Royal Holiday
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Morgan Taylor Royal Holiday

December 23, 2013

Yesterday I was trying out some new nail colours from Morgan Taylor, these are both from the Royal Holiday collection. Each polish in this collection is inspired by luxurious jewels and sought after gemstones and of course are perfect for Christmas and New Year as each has gorgeous glitter.

Morgan Taylor Holiday Collection

First up I tried out ‘To Rule or Not To Rule’ which is a purple/red in colour, what I loved about this polish was that it was unlike a lot of other glitter nail varnishes in that you got the glitter on application but still all the colour, rather than a clear slightly coloured coat with glitter. After two coats it was looking rather shiny, I loved it!

Morgan Taylor Holiday Collection

‘Where’s My Crown’ is a bright glittering gold, again it was strong after two coats and left my nails looking like they had been dipped in gold glitter. I have bought a few glitter polishes recently that just wouldn’t give this effect so was really pleased with the overall look. What’s great as well is that with glitter nail polishes you are there for about an hour with your cotton pad trying to get it off, not with this, it comes off so easily with a little nail varnish remover, I was so surprised.

Morgan Taylor Gold Glitter

Morgan Taylor Gold Glitter Polish

I decided to paint them all with the gold for a Christmas look, it’s only two days now! This will probably be my last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a great one and Santa is very good to you.

Merry Christmas!!!

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