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MEATmission for your sins

January 12, 2013

MEATmission is the latest offering from those nice people who brought us MEATliquor, situated just off Old Street in Hoxton.

‘Food for the soul and unholy spirits’ is what the menu promises me and burgers, naturally I’m game!

When you first walk in, its dark, its red and the first room has the most amazing stained glass ceiling that all you actually do is look UP. Once you’ve got over that you’ll be shown to your table which is exactly what a group of us from work did yesterday lunch time.


MEATmission stained glass ceiling

The back room which is where we ate is red from head to toe, even the curtains, with my colleague commenting it looked like something she would imagine from 50 Shades of Grey. One thing I noted was the wall is covered in triangles each filled with a design from an Illuminati triangle and eye to one that says ‘Beware’, behind me are lit up sketches of a monkey, where am I!?

MEATmission traingles red wall

meatmission interior

meatmission art work

meatmission menu

The menu however fills with me excitement, burgers and cocktails, the perfect combination. Each table is lined with condiments and kitchen roll, I guess I’d better prepare myself for something messy.


I decided to have the ‘Dirty Chicken Burger’ which was deep-fried chicken fillet, mayo, lettuce and red onion. They have a range of beef burgers and one called ‘The Dead Hippie’ which proved a favourite. The plates of garbage – yes really they are called this caught my eye. They come as it says, a plate filled with roast beef, fries, cheddar cheese, smothered in gravy, garnished with onions and horseradish cream.

dirty chicken burger

meatmission plate of garbage

meatmission fries

When the burger arrived I wasn’t disappointed, it looked like a KFC on crack, huge and ready to fill my hunger! MEATmission do away with plates hence the endless supply of kitchen roll, which was needed for the mayo that overtook the burger, saying this however it wasn’t too much, just right.

I was impressed with the menu and the surroundings and will be heading back to try some cocktails and something else for sure.

MEATmission, 14-15 Hoxton Market, London, N1 6HG
MEATmission on Urbanspoon

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