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October 1, 2013

My kitchen cupboard is having a Parisian affair, it is full of Parisian teas! I do not dare tell it I am going to Paris next month.

However I have a few more to add to my collection as I was sent these lovely teas from Lov Organic to try. I was really keen to test out their newly launched ‘Lovely Night’. If you are having trouble sleeping at night or are you like me and go to bed totally tired then just lie there thinking, then you definitely should invest in this tea as it really, really, really DOES work.

So I tried this tea out just the other night before going to bed, what I loved about it is it comes in a cute colourful tin which you even have to peel back the lid like a can, maybe I just get excited over little things? Anyways it smelt, well, ‘lovely’.

Lov Organic Lovely Night Review

Love Organic Lovely Night Tea

Lovely Night is a herbal tea, caffeine free and its ingredients focus on plants traditionally associated with sleep – linden, lemon verbena and chamomile but also includes honeybush and rooibos, cinnamon and liquorice and the aroma of pear gives it a sweet flavour. Don’t worry you can’t taste liquorice at all, the taste itself is fruity crossed with cinnamon. Perfect for winter nights, I could just imagine a cinnamon stick, a log fire and some cosy socks. After drinking my cuppa, I was already starting to feel tired, so I’m believing this actually works! I also used the really easy to use filters , you just put in a small teaspoon of tea leaves and then dip the filter into your cup for it to soak up the flavour for a bout 5 mins.

Lov Organic Lovely Night Tea Review

Lov Organic Tea review

I also got to try some Camomile and Green Tea Mint, which were both really nice. Lov Organic has some great blends, including Exotic Fruits and Lov Is Zen which has flavours of apple, orange and caramel, that I am looking forward to trying. You can find Lovely Night on the website to buy or find it in Selfridges.

Oh and it comes with a night mask, for those extra Zzzzz….

Lovely Night Lov organic Review

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