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Stand Out Products From L’Oreal Professionel Homme

May 15, 2017

The L’Oreal Professionel Homme range is stacked full of higher-end hair styling products, with all products having their own force scale to let you know what type of hold they have. I break down the standout products of the range and let you know how they fared.

Fiberboost Shampoo

Fiberboost is a standout shampoo for thinning hair and as someone who is fairly self-conscious about my hair the shampoo definitely helps to thicken and clean the hair. It gives it a more dense appearance and feels fuller when I run my fingers through it. Unlike other products created for thinning hair, the shampoo boosts hair thickness from the root, so less to worry about when styling later as it will give each strand more volume and essentially will make it easier to create your desired style. Check out my ultimate guide to men’s hair styling products if you’re not sure what to style with.

The L’oreal Professionel Homme Fiberboost Shampoo like other products in the range smells great. It might not be the cheapest shampoo out there, but if you worry about thinning hair then I would recommend giving this a go.


is a lightweight styling paste and is a force 5 on the L’Oreal Homme hair force scale, which means it has some serious hold. I have applied the clay on towel dried and dry hair and it works well on both. When applying to blow-dried hair you start to see the texture and hold the clay is giving straight away and it doesn’t clump together, which allows you to re-work throughout the day. You will also notice with this product a little goes quite a long way so I would be careful not to over apply. One thing you will have to do is ensure you rinse out the product at the end of the evening.

Poker Paste

is one of the most powerful pastes I have used, but saying that it is quite light and durable in your hand, you definitely do not need to apply too much paste into your hair. Poker Paste is great on both towel dried and dry hair. If blow drying into the desired style you just need to use the paste as a finishing product and apply it throughout your hair.

If you apply to slightly damp or towel dried hair, use it as you normally would throughout your hair and then blow-dry and style as usual. With it being a high hold paste you can rework and restyle throughout the day or evening as required. Like the clay, you will want to rinse it out in the evening to ensure you keep clean hair and save any breakages. L’Oreal Poker Paste is the strongest hold product from the range at a force 7.

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