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London Cocktail Club

December 10, 2012

On Saturday I set out on a magical night that would be my good friend Anna’s Hen Party!

The first part of the evening saw us head to the London Cocktail Club in Goodge Street, some of the girls had gone a bit earlier and attended a cocktail masterclass which must have been amazing seeing as when I turned up they were all drunk! Always good in my book.

The bar itself is a basement bar, down the stairs you go into a dark small L-shaped room. The bar lines itself against the wall and the place is decorated with purple striped wallpaper and shelves with books, bottles of drinks and other random objects.

london cocktail club goodge street

Another thing I couldn’t help but notice was the array of masks, bras and pots and pans hanging from the ceiling above the bar!?

london cocktail club

The cocktail menu is golden stamped with the Cocktail Club logo and inside is not what I was expecting at all.  All the drinks sounded absolutely amazing. They are not trying to be too cool that you don’t know what to ask for because you don’t know what the hell is in them (we’ve all been to THAT bar)

london cocktail club menu

No they are a sweet and sour mixture of absolute treats! The jelly and ice cream caught my eye straight away!

london cocktail club

I opted for quite a few on the menu in the end, my favourites were ‘the one on fire’.  I still have no idea what this was called but we kept seeing everyone order it and we also wanted to see the bartenders make the drinks go on fire just like everyone else did. Even though this is a bit of a gimmick the cocktail tasted delicious!

fire cocktails

cocktails on fire

There was also a ‘Rhubarb and Custard’ which came complete with a custard cream – who doesn’t need a biscuit? and ‘At The Movies’ which came in Coca-Cola cups and popcorn on top!

at the movies

They also do a selection of food, from chips to mini burgers which I will most definitely be heading back to try at a later date.

cocktail club

Oh also to mention, the toilets do not have labels on them,  SO two door knockers is for ladies! You may think you are in Alice in Wonderland at this point but after a few cocktails you probably won’t even notice.

As the night went on we dressed up our hen in a Burlesque feather skirt and mask whilst we all paraded with our feather fans as we headed to our next stop for dinner…..

hen party

Which is where Hen Party Part 2 will be continued…

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