This Valentine’s I’ve got you covered for a beauty look and also a dessert idea if you are dining in. But what about a present? Well this year I suggest keeping it simple with a love letter. There is nothing better than receiving a letter with someone declaring their love or just generally writing a few nice things about you. It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

I was asked by Smythson to write my own love letter this Valentine’s and for me I was a bit stumped as I may be a writer but sometimes it’s hard to write down what you are feeling when put on the spot. It also got me thinking how much I hardly write anymore, I mean with a pen and paper – not digitally as that would be every day! My writing has changed so much from school days, then I would write everything and now barely anything apart from a few odd notes so it definitely doesn’t look as good. It was really interesting recently to have my handwriting analyzed for traits on my personality as handwriting really does reveal a lot about a person.

Love letter by Smythson

So if like me you can’t quite think what to say then how about a love quote. Here I have gone for a quote from Romeo & Juliet, the true love story of course by Shakespeare. You could also write it in a beautiful Smythson leather diary, although maybe not bang in the middle, so they can have a really personal gift. You can also personalise them too with engraving for that extra special touch. If you are feeling really creative grab a calligraphy pen and give that a go, one of my things to learn this year.

An easy but extremely thoughtful gift this Valentine’s!

This post is sponsored by Smythson. All thoughts are my own.