Lady Gaga at Twickenham Stadium

September 10, 2012

Saturday was a long-awaited day, Lady Gaga playing at Twickenham Stadium for her Born This Way ball tour. I had waited for this for like forever, or so it seemed. As soon as we got to Twickenham rail station it was absolutely packed and crowds of people headed towards the stadium. It was the perfect day for the concert, 27 degrees and sunny, no wellies and rain mac for me then, hurrah!

Twickenham stadium is absolutely huge, only Lady Gaga could fill out something like this.

The concert was simply amazing, Lady Gaga is a brilliant singer and sung the whole show live, to which she told us she was going to ‘sing her pussy off until they pull the plug’ brilliant!

The backdrop to the show was a huge Gaga castle which opened up and moved about. She jumped off it, ran up it and sang her little heart off on it. Changing various colours with all the lights and it was covered with giant crosses, which was in theme with her album plus also the giant head from the Born This Way video dangled down several times.

She sang all the hits from her new album and a few of the old songs, such as ‘Paparazzi’. Outfits were constantly changed, from a black metallic metal structured helmet to which she wore onto the stage riding a horse, to leotards showing her butt cheeks as she rode on a motorcycle which later turned into a piano.

If anything what I love about Gaga is her ability to really interact with her fans, she took the time out to catch gifts thrown at her and invite young fans on stage, one being a young girl who camped outside her hotel for 6 days who she named her ‘princess’ and brought her on stage while she sang an acoustic version of ‘Princess DIE’ one of her newly written songs and a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

She topped the night off with ‘Marry The Night’ and brought yet more fans up who looked liked they had won the lottery, it was really sweet, see the photo below.

I managed to take a few photos in between blurry ones, people banging into me and well me dancing like a Little Monster.

The only criticisms I have of the concert was that the screens were very low down so being in the standing area it was difficult to see them if you couldn’t see her for the people in front. I have also devised a sort of concert etiquette, to which I think all concert go-ers should follow:

1.Please, please wear deodorant, myself and the others around you do not want your sweaty self rubbing against me.
2.If your going to dance, be careful of those smaller around you and don’t think you are the Hulk and wish to lift every girl up to show how big your muscles are.
3.If people are throwing bottles at your head to get off someones shoulders do it!
4.Do not on any circumstance wear a flashing bow on your head, or a tutu or any other sort of hen night gear (Lady gaga costumes are absolutely fine)
5.Don’t start a fight with a random person next to you because you are too pissed to realise you were in the wrong
6. Please don’t fall over so drunk you can’t stand back up
7. Enjoy the concert!



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