La Tasca Covent Garden
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La Tasca, Covent Garden

November 2, 2014

I love tapas food and so it surprises me I hadn’t actually ever tried it at La Tasca before. They have restaurants dotted all across the UK, offering a taste of Spain with a mixture of tapas dishes and Sangria. We ventured down to the branch in Covent Garden one evening to give it a whirl and try out their recently launched new menu.

I was amazed how big the restaurant in Covent Garden is, spaced out over two floors, I think there maybe is a third but I didn’t go up to the stairs to see. It has lots of space and was nicely laid out. At a tapas restaurant I always want to try the Sangria and La Tasca doesn’t just have one, they have all different varieties. I was pretty impressed with the selection which includes new flavours apple and elderflower, strawberry to a sambuca sangria. We just went for the original was lovely, it tasted really fruity and was easy to drink. Some sangria makes my eyes go funny but this was really nice!

La Tasca Covent Garden

The new menu has some really great additions which include; cured meat sharing platters for two, gluten-free options, mini homemade beef burgers, marinated chicken thighs, empanadas filled with beef and peppers to king prawns cooked in chilli. I could go on, so best to check out the menu here.

We started off with a meat platter and tomato bread. The tomato bread was different to how I was used to, normally its fresh tomatoes rubbed on it, this was more of a paste. Which was nice, but I prefer the way I am used to it.

La Tasca Covent Garden

La Tasca Covent Garden

It was hard to decide what to order as they all sounded so good but we ended up with; mini beef burgers, chips and egg (their own take on it), BBQ ribs, already it doesn’t sound like your usual tapas. But then we added calamari, chicken croquettes and patatas bravas to the mix.

La Tasca Covent Garden

Mini Beef Burgers La Tasca

La Tasca tapas


BBQ Ribs

Egg and chips

Patatas Bravas

For dessert we enjoyed a sharing churros, which came with strawberries and marshmallows and dipping sauce, totally yummy! Plus some cocktails from the wide selection.

Churros and dipping sauce

Marshmallows and chocolate sauce

Cocktails La Tasca

For me I have been spoilt when it comes to Tapas so I have had better, butย I really liked the mixture of food on offer and I think if you were new to tapas it’s a great way to be introduced to it and at a great price too. You can visit their website at

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    November 3, 2014 at 22:46

    La Tasca is one of my favourite places to eat it’s just perfect for any day/occassion xx

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    January 31, 2015 at 02:28

    Iยดm very glad to know you have a section of this part of Spanish culture. I love tapas!
    Regards from Spain!

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