Kings Cross Ice Cream Festival

September 2, 2012

Kings Cross are holding their annual ice cream festival this weekend 1st September-2nd September, down in Granary Square just up from the main station itself. I went yesterday to stuff myself with ice-cream and see what was going on, after all it was a free festival and well I love ice-cream!

As soon as you get to the square it was sporadically filled with pop-up tents with various ice-cream vendors, first thing I noticed was the massive queues, we went mid afternoon about 3pm and already some of the stalls had sold out of ice-cream, oh dear!

Wandering round there was various activities for children and well me…I went to the petting farm where they had some sheep, goats and cows munching away on some hay. The children were loving the animals which was great to see.

There was also some big plastic cows where you could learn how to milk one! Fortunately I didn’t have a go on this.

Being a nice warm day, it was perfect for ice-cream and for some of the children, a play in the fountains.

We decided to join one of the queues for some carefully selected ice-cream. We chose the stall that had ice-cream powered by liquid nitrogen, sounded amazing, plus I had also wisely chosen this one as it had Nutella flavour, which is rare to find and also so good after sampling some in Monaco earlier last year.

After waiting for a good half an hour, the queue was hardly moving and then we were told they had sold out! So no ice-cream was had at the festival, as the other stalls all either had long queues or had non left.

The festival was worth having a look but I think they could have had more vendors and more ice-cream, as I know a lot of people were disappointed, including myself.We sauntered off via the station where they were giving out free ice-cream lollies instead, bonus!

One of the best things I did see though was the amazing ice cream cone ICE sculpture, it must have taken hours and the company who made it are renowned for their sculptures. How amazing is this?

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