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November 15, 2012

If you are looking for somewhere to go this weekend, or maybe take a date, how about the Sealife aquarium down at the South Bank?

I popped down for a visit, what with my recent animal adventures at the Zoo it was only a matter of time before the aquarium would happen.

It is such a calming place to go and was really good to see all the different types of fish and of course penguins! As soon as you walk in you have to go over a glass walkway which is really high so battling my fear of heights yet again became apparent and secondly is full of water and loads of sharks, so scary to me, to kids – probably not so!

Anyways I managed that ordeal and welcomed myself into a world of under the sea…

london aquarium south bank

There is so many types of creatures to be seen, I loved these jellyfish that changed colour under the lights and one little stingray even popped up to say hello!


jellyfish pink

stingray photobomb

As you walk round there is a glass walkway which you can through and oodles of tanks with fish and of course sharks!



aquarium london

Some of the fish were absolutely huge and I felt a bit sorry for the penguins being in such a small space, although they seemed happy enough, it reminded me of Happy Feet.

Find out more on the Aquarium website to plan your trip!

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