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An Interview With Laura J Evans

July 25, 2012

Laura J Evans has such a unique and soulful quality to her voice, which can be heard most recently on her amazing cover of Rihanna’s We Found Love. It is hard to compare her to anyone in the industry, you really do just have to take a listen for yourself and get lost in her amazing vocals.

Originally from a small village in Wales, Laura later moved to London where she began writing her own songs and performing in various venues across the city, whilst keeping up the day job as an actress in children’s programme Basil Brush. Now located in LA and pursuing her musical roots, she took the time out to have a chat with me.

Moving to LA from London and even so far from your hometown in Wales, how are you finding it?

Yeah moving to London from Wales was the biggest, scariest step for me when I was 14. I went to drama school in London, and then after that everything else in life just seemed easy. I feel like those younger years of change, moving from a small town to a big town were a little tough, but also an amazing experience and prepared me for all my new adventures. LA is a blast. Its full of crazy talented driven people – its super inspiring and lots of fun and definitely makes you better at your art! LA is a little like a 6th Form college but for adults (laughs) and the weathers not bad either.

How did you first get involved in music?

Well I’ve been singing since I was about 5 years old. Growing up in Wales I was surrounded by lots of music at a very early age. My aunty and uncle were singers, and I looked up to them like my very own personal superstars. (laughs) It was just a passion I was born with I guess and it was always fun to me. I never got bored with it. I was always writing lyrics, or recording a new homemade demo – everything just revolved around music.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Singing songs and writing songs, playing live, recording and all that stuff just makes me happy, I’m not sure that anything else gives me the same buzz. It’s just very fulfilling in every way, so i guess that my inspiration.

Your recent cover of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” has nearly 100k hits on YouTube, how does that make you feel?

Shocked, Happy, Grateful, Excited, Emotional, Confused, Motivated!…… all of the above!

Watch Laura’s beautiful cover below, let’s get her to 100k views!

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Who would be your dream collaboration?

I would love to sit and jam with Alicia keys and write a badass ballad on the piano. That would be definitely be a dream come true.

What would you say has been your favourite gig you have played and why?

I played a gig about 2 months ago here in LA, it was just a small venue in West Hollywood. The audience was full of my close friends pretty much, and I played all the songs from my new album for the first time. I guess I felt the whole audience got to hear all my stories and I was very emotionally connected. It’s nice to feel that free and safe on stage. You can’t always guarantee you’re gonna feel that way every time. So when you do, its pretty awesome! I love those moments. They are rare, and that is what makes them so memorable.

Would you ever be tempted to go back to acting now your over in LA?

Yes definitely, I still love acting very much. Comedy especially. After working on a show at the BBC for over 4 years – its weird – its like you get withdrawal symptoms! I miss learning lines, sitting in the makeup chair and being on set. So yes acting is still very much one of my ambitions.

You have an album coming out this summer, tell us a bit more about what we can expect to hear?

Well this album is definitely be a little country. I feel lyrically every song has a story, and I feel it’s the most honest songwriting I’ve ever done. So yeah, I’m excited.

Which song are you most proud of?

I’m proud of them all, in different ways. There is one song that I never get tired of singing, its called ‘Whats Left of Me’. I co wrote it here in LA with another songwriter, Brett Detar. I never get tired of hearing it, so lets hope the rest of the world agrees (Laughs). I’m also very proud of one track called ‘Muddy Water’. I remember writing most of that on a plane journey home back to the UK at Christmas. It was a song that came to me very quick and easy, I love those ones!

‘Muddy Water’ has already become one of my favourites from Laura, with a very catchy chorus and heartfelt lyrics. I am most definitely looking forward to hearing Laura’s album.

Check out more from Laura on her website.

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Laura was born in a small village in the heart of the South Wales valleys. She learned to sing just as soon as she could speak. Performing her first show at the ripe old age of 5. Her passion for poetry at a very young age was quickly turned into a passion for songwriting. Laura pursued her career in London writing songs for herself and other artists at Warner Chappell music, as well as enjoying a 4 year stint on a well-known children’s TV show for the BBC, where she played the regular character of “Madison” opposite a naughty fox named Basil Brush. Laura is now based in LA and has a debut album due to be released this Summer 2012.

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