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An Interview WIth Cinderela B

November 10, 2014

I discovered Cinderela B jewellery when I attended a recent event and lucky for me inside the goodie bag was the most beautiful gold bee bracelet from Cinderela B. This then led me to looking on the website and admiring everything on it! Cinderela B was started by owner Rachel Jackson who in 2006 after a life changing trip round the world was so inspired by the culture of Brazil and the people she had met that she decided to follow her passion and dreams and start her own jewellery label. Each piece has a bit of an exotic feel with birds, pineapples and butterflies and I absolutely love the Liberty print wrap bracelets. I spoke to Rachel more about her passions and how she got started.

Rachel you are under the spotlight…

Rachel Jackson Cinderela B

I love to see people who have a dream and then follow it, why was jewellery the dream for you?  

I love jewellery… designing it, creating it and wearing it.  I’ve always enjoyed using it to add that finishing touch to an outfit, however it wasn’t just the creative element of having a jewellery business that inspired me to set up Cinderela B, it was about doing something a bit different, something challenging where I was always learning and something i loved doing every day.  I feel like life is short AND you spend so much time at work, that it’s really important to enjoy it.  

Your designs feature motifs such as pineapples, bees, birds and butterflies. Where do you take your inspiration from for new collections?  

Brazil is where my inspiration stems from so there are many tropical references across the range.  

Pineapple necklace Cinderela B

What do you like most about your job?  

The people I work with and the variety of things I have done in order to run the business successfully.

The Liberty print bracelets are beautiful, what made you decide to use prints from Liberty’s in your designs?

Thank you!  I have loved Liberty of London for many years and buying their fabric means I get to visit the store regularly! Their prints are gorgeous and they work for us because they add colour to the range and they give us a point of difference over other jewellery brands.  It’s always been a dream to work with Liberty and i’m absolutely thrilled to reveal that one of our bracelet designs will be featured in their Flowers of Liberty collection in the new year.

Cinderela B Liberty Print Bracelets

Who would you most like to see wearing Cinderela B?  

Alexa Chung.

Personally do you prefer to wear silver or gold jewellery, or both!?  

Both actually!  I’m loving the mixed metal trend at the moment. 

Your visit to Brazil played a big part in creating Cinderela B, where else do you like to travel?  

I have travelled extensively and i have to say that south America has a special place in my heart.  I love south-east Asia too. Japan is somewhere I have never travelled to and I would love to go there at some point.

Cinderela B Jewellery

What’s your secret spot in London?  

My secret spot is Clissold park in Stoke Newington.  

Any advice for fellow jewellery designers looking to make their mark in the industry?  

Make sure you have a point of difference, be prepared to work hard, be confident and never give up. 

That is some great advice Rachel thankyou and really exciting about the bracelet being featured in Liberty’s! Find more from Cinderela B over on the website at cinderelab.com.

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    Thanks for sharing such beautiful jewellery, the bracelets are my favourite too, very unique pieces x

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