An Interview With Celeste Abrahams

October 9, 2012

Celeste Abrahams is a young photographer from London. I first came across Celeste’s work on Model Mayhem when I advertised for a photographer to take some pictures for The P-Ho Diaries. I fell in love with her photographs and her work stood out so much than her older counterparts on the site.

At 16, Celeste has shown she has raw talent and a flair for photography. Born in London but raised in London and Hong Kong, she picked up a camera in 2010 and hasn’t stopped taking photos since.

I asked Celeste a few questions about her inspirations and her passion for photography.

What made you decide to take up photography?

I decided to take up photography mainly as a hobby, so I could capture memories with friends. Then I found photographers such as Roni Ahn who had done the same and then transferred into fashion photography. I thought I’d give it a go, and I’ve loved it ever since.

Which photographers inspire you?

My main inspiration is Nirrimi, not just because of her photographs but also because of her attitude towards it. I also love Julia Trotti and Kitty Gallanaugh who both take amazing photos. There are also photographers such as Roni Ahn, Gail Shamon and Lauren Engel, who made me realise that you can start young in photography and that age doesn’t make a difference.

What is your favourite picture that you have taken?

It’s hard to say really, I love this photo (see below) which was one from a recent shoot with a friend Izzy.

Waterbearer Celeste Abrahams

Would you see yourself doing fashion photography or a mixture of styles?

I would love to try photojournalism and landscape photography. But I think I’ll probably end up sticking with fashion photography because it’s what I know and love.

If you could capture anyone or anything who or what would it be?

I have a list of about 100 models who I’de love to shoot, but I’ve also always wanted to go to small villages around to world and take photos for the people there and their daily goings, and see how it differs from our lives.

Do you find it hard being only 16 in the industry, what have peoples reactions been?

I don’t think it’s been too hard, but many people, especially modelling agencies, have said I’m too young to test shoot some of the models.

What is your next steps after you finish school to pursue the career path?

I would like to go to uni and persue photography on the side, and by the time I finish uni hopefully have a strong enough portfolio to make it as a photographer.

Any tips for other aspiring photographers?

Just go out and shoot people, find your niche in photography and build up your portfolio, there’s no such thing as a bad shoot.

Follow Celeste’s photography on Facebook and Flickr. Thanks you future star!

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