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5 Ways To Create The Botanical Trend

March 31, 2016

One of the big trends for home decor this year is botanical. This is a playful mix of botanical prints, shades of green and also aquatic colours. Plants, herbs and animals, as well as the ocean and lakes inspire the theme. You can add a botanical element to your design from either a colour scheme perspective or add accent decorations such as plants or prints on sofas and chairs.

Botanical Home Decor Inspiration

With the help of Camerich and my love of Pinterest – the best place for any inspiration. I’ve put together easy ways to achieve the botanical look for your home. Camerich has eight showrooms across London, including Islington and Chelsea and is ideal for sofas, tables, beds, storage and pretty much all your key furniture needs, so they were the perfect choice when finding items that matched up with my inspiration for this trend.

One key furniture item I wanted to look out for this trend was a sofa in one of the botanical colours or possibly a floral. Camerich sofas are hand-made to your requests; choose a size, style, fabric and/or colourway. I requested a few samples and a brochure and it came very quickly, it was a good way to get an idea for the colours I could possibly use, I love the peacock-blue which is a key trend colour for botanical.

Here are some tips and inspiration to achieve a botanical decor in your home.

Botanical Home Decor Inspiration 2016 - The LDN Diaries UK Lifestyle Blog


Plants are an easy way to make any room feel botanical. I love the idea of a giant vase and plant, this look could be recreated using a sturdy table like the Artina dining table and building key items around it.

2. Botanical Walls

You don’t just need plants for botanical decor. This wallpaper instantly adds the theme to a home office. Keep the rest of the look minimalist and simple with a plain desk such as the Camerich Vessel desk and key accent decorations. The desk has storage drawers to be able to keep everything clutter free.

3.  Focal Point

A sofa can be the focal point of a living room and one you can build a botanical trend around. Either opt for something block coloured and plain and build around it with plants and colouring. Or choose a sofa in a floral fabric and keep everything simple around it. Similarly the bed has pops of light green complimented with grey, but the overall theme looks very botanic.

4. Aquatic Colours

These cushions are the perfect colourways, a mixture of aquatic colours work well with a dark blue sofa, which could even lend itself to my favourite sample, the peacock-blue.

5. Signature Chair

Mix and match your sofa colour and patterns to your key chair pattern as shown here. The sofa is blue but the chair contrasts well with the green pattern. The Venus lounge chair is ideal for this and can be styled with numerous fabrics to replicate this look.

Will you be adding botanical to your home decor this year?

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