5 Photo Editing Apps To Up Your Instagram Game

5 Photo Editing Apps To Up Your Instagram Game

May 7, 2018

Do you awe over bloggers Instagrams? Wonder how some influencers always get that perfect shot? Well sometimes it’s a great photo and sometimes it’s just a really good editing app.

If you fancy jazzing up your Instagram profile a little, I thought I’d share my favourite photo editing apps and how I use them to edit my images on Instagram and enhance my stories.


VSCO stands for Visual Supply Co, which doesn’t really mean anything but I thought I’d fill you in. This is probably my favourite photo editing app for Instagram and I sometimes use it for my blog images also. You can import your pictures from you camera roll or album and add filters (you can choose how much filter so a little to a lot) and also edit the picture, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation (to make the colours pop), straighten it, crop it and go into more detail with shadows and highlights.

Its simple to have a play around with and you can also copy your edits you have made and paste them onto another picture if you liked the effect you done on the first. You can also save presets, which lets you save your edits quickly so you can use them again on new images. Personally for me every photo is so different so I tend to just edit them one by one. It also lets you create a profile and you can discover other creators images.


Facetune was designed for selfies, smoothing skin, whitening the eyes etc, but I actually use it for just normal images and mainly flatlays. How often have I took a picture on a white background and then it’s came out yellow toned. So I use the whiten tool on Facetune to whiten the background, it’s a game changer.

There is also a details tool which is great for any small details I want to bring out in the image and then the filters tool where I use the lighting option loads, it lets you make an image lighter, cooler, darker, there are so many options. If you do want to smooth skin or remove any blemishes then it’s great for that too, personally I do prefer the Photoshop Fix app for any skin smoothing as it looks much more natural.


Remember when Kim Kardashian kept sharing images on her stories of her dresses, but they were glittering in the light that it looked like diamonds? Well it took me awhile to jump on this bandwagon, mainly as I couldn’t work out what the app was! Finally I was in the club and I use it sometimes to make my sparkly items even sparklier.

It’s really easy to use, just take a picture or take one in the app and you can choose on the right hand top corner how much of a sparkle effect you want to add. It works for videos and photos and is a fun element for Instagram stories.


Snapseed is quite similar to VSCO in what it offers, but it has some extra features I really like. One is the selective tool, this lets you choose just a part of a photo you’d like to edit. So say I wanted the background to stay the same but an object to be brighter, I can select the object and then alter the brightness of just that object whilst the background remains the same.

With Snapseed you can play around with filters, brightness, colours, tints, warmth the list goes on. I like the drama tool, which has some great filters to alter an image. The best thing with Snapseed is just to have a practice with it, I’m still finding new things I never knew that it did.

Resize For Story

Instagram now lets you resize an image on your stories, but if it’s landscape I don’t like the colour background it sometimes provides, if anyone knows how to change that let me know? So I like to use Resize For Story, it lets you resize any image so it fits for stories and you can choose what colour you want the background to be.

Tip – if you hold down on a photo on your Instagram stories whilst choosing the draw icon, you can choose what colour you want a background to be if you want to add text on the screen.

Have you got any great phone editing apps you use? You can follow me on Instagram @theldndiaries.

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    June 24, 2018 at 11:58

    These all look like such cool apps, I have heard a lot about VSCO and from what you say here it sounds like it is so good – I love the idea of being able to choose the strength of the filter, what a great feature. At the moment I am loving using A Colour Story, it is literally so easy to use & has such a cute range of filters. The basic option is free too! Enjoy!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

    • Reply
      June 24, 2018 at 13:09

      VSCO is so good, defo recommend it! Ooh will have to try that one, thanks for the tip!

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