How to deal with breakouts
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How To Deal With Breakouts

September 8, 2015

Breakouts. Everyone gets them, well I’m guessing everyone does. If you don’t then I guess you are very lucky. There are plenty factors that can cause breakouts, everyday stresses, hormonal, a new product or food you have been eating as well as everyday pollutants.

I have definitely found I have more breakouts now in my 30’s than I did when I was younger. I know many people suffer from acne later on in life than in their teens. I don’t suffer from acne, more the occasional breakout, sometimes it can be one or two spots and other times a lot more. So I thought I would share some products I find have been really helpful in this. These are of course products that have been working for me and everyone is different, but hopefully you might be able to find something that works for you too.


I think my biggest mistake is I’ve always treated spots as they come up, rather than use products to prevent them appearing. A good cleanser is a must in your routine and I have been loving a couple for this, including the Nip & Fab Deep Cleansing Fix. This product I actually bought by mistake on Asos as I was buying the Nip & Fab glycolic fix pads, not so sure how I ended up doing this, but I was so glad I did. The cleansing fix is a cream cleanser that effectively removes make-up, dirt and grime and cleanses the skin as well as nourishing it. It smells of eucalyptus and has sweet almond oil and tea tree oil. It leaves my face feeling soft and clean and can also be used as a mask or on individual blemishes. The tub has a lot of product in it so is really good value.

Products to help deal with breakouts and blemishes

Another cleanser that works well is balance me’s pure skin face wash. The cleanser is rich in antioxidant, moringa and rice bran oils which help to brighten and illuminate a dull complexion. Spruce knot improves congested or inflamed complexions and it has a lovely grapefruit smell from the grapefruit oils, a great one for an early morning cleanser.

I swear by Murad’s Step 2 products, which are designed to target and repair. Their blemish and wrinkle reducer is a fantastic product to combat and keep spots at bay. It clears congested skin with its combination of willow bark extract, silver citrate and encapsulated salicylic acid, making sure to clear any signs of bacteria. Not only does it fight the blemishes but also is a good product if you are worried about wrinkles as it helps to minimise the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. I like to apply this to the areas where I know I break out the most.

balance me also do a balancing face moisturiser, which is a good one if you also suffer from redness, it soothes and calms the skin whilst also hydrating too. It has a light balm texture and isn’t too greasy which can always be a worry with blemishes and skin. The moisturiser helps to prevent blocked pores and similar to the cleanser contains spruce knot and roman chamomile to ease redness and inflammation. It’s suitable for normal to combination skins and prevents the skin getting congested or oily.

Blemish fix products

On The Spot

For quick fixes when your breakouts appear, try Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Serum. Nip & Fab if you are unfamiliar is Rodial’s sister brand. I think sometimes it can be seen as quite a young person’s brand what with Kylie Jenner being one of the faces behind it, but I swear by the glycolic fix range and if ever I have a breakout I just love this serum. I tend to apply it more directly to the blemishes than all over my face, but you can do that and it works wonders. This alongside the glycolic exfoliating pads is my go to normally for a breakout. The serum has 4% glycolic acid so nothing too heavy to worry about, whilst the aloe vera soothes and calms.

Another brand seen as quite a teenage brand is Clearasil, but their rapid action treatment is on the spot relief. If you feel a spot coming up, apply this and it will eliminate the spot appearing, as well as if it has already surfaced it will help to take it down very quickly. My last recommendation for a quick fix is the Simple spot zapper, similar to the Clearasil it works fast to take that blemish down.

Do you have any fail safe breakout products you swear by?

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