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How To Accessorise This Autumn

November 3, 2017

Autumn has got to be my favourite season for fashion. In Winter everything is covered up by a big coat, Summer its just too hot to be fashionable and Spring, well I like Spring a lot, but Autumn is most definitely my favourite. It’s that sort of weather here in London at the moment, where you can throw on a jumper without a coat, still have a bare leg and most importantly let your accessories do all the talking.

In Autumn I’m all about the accessories and I have a three minimum rule. So I’ll try to work with just three like I am here with a bag, jewellery and over the knee boots. Then if I decided to swap in a hat I’ll maybe ditch the necklace and vice versa. It’s not a strict rule, but I try not to put too many together.

Zara Red Sweater Dress & Duo Bots Empress Boots - London Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

Over The Knee Boots

I adore wearing over the knee boots, but it hasn’t always been plain sailing trying to find a pair. Last year I finally caved in and splurged on a pair of Stuart Weitzman OTK boots and I love them, they are super comfy and fit well, although they do often slide down a little.

This year I have a pair by Duo Boots or you might know them more from their former name as Ted & Muffy. I opted for the Empress style, a black suede boot with a pointed toe and a chunky but slightly high heel. They tie around the leg and I am able to tie these nice and tight to stay up. They also come by calf size as well as shoe size which I think is so fantastic. I struggled to find over the knee boots on the high street that actually fitted me and I don’t particularly consider myself to have that thin a leg. With the Duo Boots however they are the perfect fit.

Before you order a pair of boots, it tells you how to measure the correct part of your leg to work out your calf size. I’m not going to lie I was nervous at first about the delivery in case they didn’t fit, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one. They are so tight to the leg and fit like a glove. The foot sizing is also perfect and they very comfortable to wear all day. I’m super happy with them and would recommend them for anyone struggling to find over the knee boots in their leg size.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Black

Statement Bag

I love a statement bag and the I think is definitely that. I received this bag as a Christmas present from Danny last year and I used it a lot throughout Winter, you can watch my review on YouTube here. For Summer it got put away for lighter coloured bags, but I’ve brought it back out now and I can’t wait to use it again. It’s not particularly a bag just for Autumn/Winter, but I just had summer bags I wanted to use and I often think it’s nice to use a bag for a while then put it away and bring it back out again so you won’t get sick of pairing it with every outfit.


It seems simple but a scarf can make an outfit. Whether it’s a fluffy furry number or an elegant classic cashmere wrap, each can add its own detail to an outfit. I like to have a few scarves in different colours so they work with different outfits and of course a faux fur or two when I want to jazz up a plain jumper.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour - London Lifestyle Blogger


I love my hats and when it gets colder they are my go-to. Either a beanie hat with a furry bobble or this year I might even try the beret trend that is big for this season, maybe for my trip to Paris in January, it’s French after all. Baker boy caps are also a big trend at the moment. I say go for what suits you, rather than what’s on trend. Hats aren’t for everyone, but definitely give one a go, even if it’s just so you don’t have to wash your hair that day.

Invest In Jewellery

I don’t own much jewellery, in fact I had a big clear out. I was buying cheap costume jewellery that just didn’t last and was more on-trend than classic so I ended up getting bored with it or it was starting to look rusty and tacky. I’ve decided to start again with jewellery and I went for this horn necklace from the Missoma x Lucy Williams range. It’s simple so that it goes with nearly everything and I just love the design of it. It also pairs well with other pieces in the same range, so I might have to invest in another soon.

Little Venice

What is your favourite way to accessorise for Autumn?

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