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July 18, 2016

When it comes to holiday hair, I think I’m doing good as long as I’ve not gone full on Monica. You know when Monica from Friends goes on the beach trip and her hair has blown up because of the humidity? On our trip to Santorini I took a whole load of hair products in tow with me, probably more than I ever have done on holiday as I was determined to control my locks and I also had to check my luggage in as hand luggage just wasn’t an option for me with all my products I was taking. So I was free to bring all manner of sizes and bottles that I wanted to, hurrah!

One hair product that was a major saviour on holiday was a UV spray and one I never considered on holiday before. Here I am worrying about my skin and what sunscreen to use, when in actual fact my hair is getting fried by the sun too. In London the weather has picked up today and it’s hitting 30 degrees this week and no doubt I’d never normally protect my hair, just as we aren’t quite used to warmer weather here, but again it’s something I’ll be reaching for now.

I’ve compiled my top products & accessories for looking after your hair on holiday and in hot weather to keep them looking tip-top.

1.  Nuxe Sun Moisturizing Protective Milky OilBuy Now

I used this UV spray from Nuxe all holiday and it kept my hair protected from the sun’s UV rays but also helped moisturise it too and my scalp. It is formulated with coconut oil and so is great for colour treated and damaged hair.

2. Nuxe After Sun Hair & Body ShampooBuy Now

A great multi-purpose product to use after being out in the sun all day (your boyfriend will love this). If you have been swimming it gets rid of chlorine and sand and also removes UV sunscreen from your hair and body. It smells dreamy just like the Milky Oil Uv Spray.

3. Tangle Teezer In-Shower

I love the standard Tangle Teezer brush, but this in-shower version is just brilliant, especially for holiday. It will get rid of all the tangles and is also ideal for combing through conditioner or treatments in the shower when your hair is wet. The shape of it means the water will just go right through it and you don’t need to worry about water being trapped inside. In Santorini it was super windy some evenings so this was perfect to stop my hair being tangled.

4. Popband Beach Babe Hair Ties

Opt for bright coloured hair ties during the day to keep your hair off your face like htese beach babe ones form Popband. Also some nights in Greece, a headband was my saviour or I would have been eating my hair most nights for dinner.

5. Paul Mitchell Yacht Club Express Mini Smooth & 413 Sculpting Brush

Paul Mitchell released a limited edition collection this summer entitled Yacht Club. I love the sculpting brush, it’s ideal for drying my hair and the straighteners are perfect for packing light. I try not to straighten my hair on holiday too much and wear it wavy for a more beach vibe, but these are great for getting the annoying bits of my hair near the roots.

6. Redken Beach Envy Volume Shampoo & Conditioner & Wave Aid

This trio was my go-to shampoo and conditioner on holiday. It gives great volume, fights frizz and my hair feels so lovely and clean afterwards. The wave aid is perfect for styling and encouraging those beach waves I mentioned.

7. Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer

I try to dry my hair as naturally as possible on holiday but it always needs a helping hand. So I make sure I use a heat protection spray or cream. At the moment I am loving Redken’s Express Primer, this protects my hair from up to 230 degrees celsius when drying and styling but also helps to speed up the process too.

8. Batiste Instant Conditioner

The sun can dry your hair out especially if it is coloured like mine. Batiste have launched an Instant Conditioner, a bit like the dry shampoo but a conditioner. It is perfect for keeping the ends and lengths nourished and shiny, I’m loving it.

9. Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo

Which leads me to dry shampoo, of course no holiday would be complete without some. So many reasons why dry shampoo so I guess I don’t have to get into this one. Have more fun in the sun and less time washing your hair.

10. Lee Stafford Wet Look GeLEE / Dove Serum Oil

A great look on holiday for hair is the wet look. Use Something like Lee Stafford’s Wet Look GeLEE or try some Dove Serum Oil which can also give the desired look and keep hair nourished at the same time.

How much do you look after your hair on holiday?

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