Hogwarts in the snow 2016

Hogwarts In The Snow

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a special event at Warner Bros Studios in Watford. As now we are in the festive season the Harry Potter Tour has had a makeover and has been transformed with lots and lots of snow, so a few of us were asked to come up to the tour and celebrate the launch of Hogwarts in the Snow!

I have always wanted to go to the Harry Potter studios, but it’s something I’ve never got round to doing, so when the invite landed by owl mail of course, I couldn’t wait to attend. I have actually only seen three of the Harry Potter movies and I forgot how amazing it was. The tour definitely made me eager to watch them as soon as I got back, that’s my Christmas sorted.

The studio tour is really amazing and even if you are not a Harry Potter fan, I’m sure you’d enjoy it. The detail to each set, costume and prop is next level.

I know many of my readers live far away and may never have the chance to visit, so I thought I’d take you with me on the night and share some highlights from the tour. Enjoy the vlog and remember to subscribe for new videos every week!