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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Halloween Makeup Tutorial

September 30, 2016

I feel like I’ve just been talking about Christmas and beauty advent calendars and now I’m back to Halloween, so forgive me if my timeline is all sorts of confused over here!

But Halloween is under a month away and I really do love it. I never used to like it, in fact I hated it. But I do love creating a look and dressing up, it is so much fun once you really get into a character.  Forget the cats, ghouls and werewolves, go for it this year and create a cool character, whether that’s Lady Gaga ( I totally did this before!) or something more like Wendy Addams, just have fun with the makeup and don’t take it too seriously.

Of course this year one of the most wanted/created looks will be Harley Quinn aka Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad, so here is quick tutorial on how to get the make-up for that look.

I’m also selling the t-shirt and wig used for this look on eBay so if you are in need and can’t wait to get it from China then hop on over!

Daddy’s Little Monster Tee

Harley Quinn Wig

Hope you enjoy, if you do give it a thumbs up on and make sure you are subscribed.

Happy Halloween (when it comes!)

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