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Glominerals Luxe Liquid Foundation Review

June 19, 2014

I am on the hunt for my perfect foundation, whether or not that will ever happen is a mystery but I wanted to bring you the latest one I have been trying. I had seen some really great reviews on YouTube of the Glominerals Luxe Liquid Foundation, admittedly I have never heard of the brand before so was pretty intrigued by it.

I am buying more and more beauty products online but with foundation I was slightly scared as you have to get the colour right, so from my guess I am normally the lightest shade, so I took the plunge and went for shade Porcelain. When it arrived it came all nicely wrapped up with ribbon and samples, I love these touches. The foundation comes in a pump bottle which I much prefer as it’s easier to apply to a foundation brush and means you don’t waste any.

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Glominerals Luxe Liquid Foundation Review

Glominerals Luxe Liquid Foundation Reviewed

What does it do?

The Glominerals Luxe Liquid Foundation coverage looked amazing on some of the videos I watched and is formulated with a light-diffusing diamond powder, to bend the light for an ageless complexion so it’s said to help you look youthful. The diamond powder is combined with ultra-fine minerals and pigments to create a formula that nourishes and protects the skin.

Glominerals Luxe Liquid Foundation Porcelain Review

Glominerals Luxe Liquid Foundation In Porcelain Review

How did it fair?

Let’s start with the colour, going on my guess I was pretty spot on, although I felt like it made my face slightly paler so I prefer a colour that makes it just a tad more colourful, so I would probably go one up. The coverage was really good, covering spots and the likes but for me I have dry skin on my forehead so felt it sort of clinged to those dry spots making them look worse. I think if you have normal-oily skin though it would be fine. It definitely has a very powder finish and for me I think I’m looking for something with more of a glow, especially as I’m a dry skinner.

Overall I would say it does have a really good coverage and if you are after a powder finish I would give it a try, it just wasn’t the one for me.

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