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Rebounding With Danone

May 15, 2016

I am looking forward to sharing my New York posts with you next week but before that, the morning after I landed back home, insert serious jet lag, I decided to head to an event with Danone for their brand new yogurt and get my fitness on. Now fitness is something I rarely see myself into or regularly do and after an 8 hour flight probably not one you or I would think you’d see me doing. However I decided to just go for it! I seemed to have a burst of energy the next morning and so was all up for heading to Shoreditch for the event.

Danone had put together an event to launch their tasty new greek yogurt Light & Free which is 0% fat and 0% added sugar with yummy fruit pieces. For the event they had gathered a handle of fitness and lifestyle bloggers to take on a Rebounding class at Frame in Shoreditch, which is a fantastic dance and fitness studio. I can definitely see myself going back here to try some of the classes. They have everything from Beyonce booty shaking, to yoga and *Nsync dance classes – totally serious. I definitely want to try out the yoga, as it’s been in my head to do it for a while now.

Danone Light & Free Binky Felstead

Before our Rebounding class we got to meet with Binky from Made in Chelsea, who was so sweet and just as lovely in real-life as she is on the show, as well as make our own trampoline jumping selfie. The new Danone TV advert for Light & Free shows a girl walking along and her shadow doesn’t quite match up with her movements and is much more ‘light and free’. So inspired by the advert, we created our own pictures. As you can see my shadow is looking much more energetic!

Danone Light And Free Blogger Event

It was then time for the Rebounding class, I had never heard of Rebounding before, so this was completely new. Each person has their own mini trampoline and the instructor at the front will guide you in a series of energetic movements as you bounce. To help you along there is some fab music, think 90’s garage and Jodie our instructor was so happy and upbeat you couldn’t help but keep going. It was definitely a workout and for someone like me who doesn’t work out regularly I did find it quite tough, but I would definitely do it again as it was so much fun.

Rebounding Frame Shoreditch

Danone Light And Free

Afterwards I had a healthy brunch and got to try out the new yoghurt whilst catching up with Lela London. The yogurts were really delicious and the 0% fat and sugars doesn’t compromise on the taste at all. I really enjoyed it and my favourites were the strawberry and the passion fruit, so off course I made sure I took some home with me for later.

Frame Shoreditch brunch

Danone Light & Free Yogurt

For more info on Danone Light & Free yogurt and to find out how to make your own shadow selfie visit www.lightandfree.com. I think I’ve caught a little bit of the fitness bug so I’m off to plan what classes I’ll be doing next!

This post was sponsored by Danone but all opinions are my own.

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